About Chairman

Dr Ajit Gupta is the founder Chairman of the Park Group of Hospitals. He is not just a doctor, but a role model and enthusiastic leader of the fastest growing hospital chain. Under his mentorship, the group is dedicated to provide personalized quality treatment with state of the art equipment and technology, to common people at affordable rates. He is a visionary and a dedicated soldier in the medical field who is always busy in transforming his philanthropist dreams in to a reality. He has set a revolution in the medical industry by achieving a balance in number business and quality deliverance of treatment to masses. He has touched the heart of common people by ensuring quality care for them as good as available to rich people, at affordable rates.


He has great administrative and management acumen along with medical prowess. He leads the team and the group from front and within a very short time has become a force in medical field to reckon with.

Dr. Ajit had set new standards of personalized medical care. He and his son see all patients in all their group hospitals along with all consultants daily to monitor the progress of each and every patient. This personalized care, could only be provided to patients because of the total dedication of this father and son led team, who, without caring for their personal well being and comfort always care for their patients. He devotes more than 16 to 18 hours daily for the care of patients in his group hospitals. This level of medical care in the medical industry is unique and un-parallel and may be the secret of his success and Park Group at the same time.

He is never satisfied with his achievements and always strives to achieve better results. His innovative way of providing state of art quality care in personalized way have attracted so many leading doctors who joined him voluntarily for his noble mission.