Advanced Cardiac Treatment for a Healthy Heart and You

Advanced Cardiac Treatment for a Healthy Heart and You

Are you having atypical chest pain very frequently? This could be a symptom of cardiac trouble.

Heart disease, also referred as cardiovascular disease has become a major concern worldwide. It’s not certain to say who is prone to such a fatal disease and who isn’t. People of all ages and gender, having a family history of heart disease or not, are becoming victims to this. But what’s certain is that it can be avoided or at least be pushed to later in life by bringing changes and adapting to a healthier lifestyle, starting today itself.

Now is the time to understand the warning signs and conditions of a weakening heart.

Not everyone perceives sudden numbness for a stroke, or acute chest pain for a heart attack.

From diagnostic to advanced surgical expertise, complex to minimally invasive surgeries; We at Park are one of the best cardiology hospitals in Delhi NCR, Karnal, Haryana and Panipat with a renowned team of cardiologists and the best heart consultants all over India, committed to deliver the best in class medical expertise with advanced technology at affordable rates in the confines of its state-of- the-art infrastructure.

Providing complete heart care and seamlessly integrated advanced services; Your heart is now in the right hands with Park.

We transcend the whole heart care gamut, making us one of the best heart hospitals and one of the best hospitals for bypass surgery in Delhi, Gurgaon and all branches across India.

  • Our coronary Angiography and Angioplasty with FFR &IVUS assures if a patient requires stenting considering there is a blockage that varies from 60%-90%.
  • Our Rotablator helps to open blockages, lesions and prevent the chances of a bypass surgery when the blood coronary is completely blocked and calcified.
  • Our heart specialists render all types of advanced adult and paediatric cardiac surgery in Delhi, making us the best heart surgery hospitals.
  • We also have Non Invasive Cardiac Labs where we provide ECG, ECHO, Stress ECHO, Holter andCardiac Preventive checks.

Trusted as one of the best heart hospitals in Delhi NCRrendering advanced cardiac surgery in Delhi, we also have an expert team of heart specialists in Panipat and cardiologists in Panipat.

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