Safety Measures for Mother and Child against Covid-19

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It’s always a blessing to have a little one in you/along your side. One cannot measure the delight this companionship gives to the mother and to the rest of the family; it’s simply as if the heaven as descended down on Earth into one’s home. But since the times are not really cheerful around and there’s a huge lot of uneasiness due to Corona, we need to very cautiously deal with our little faces of happiness and also pay heed to the fitness of the mother.

mothers day

Pregnancy And Covid-19

Pregnant women who have contracted Covid-19 are more likely to develop respiratory complications which might require intensive care. Additionally, pregnancy and Covid-19 can result in severity for women who are already suffering from medical conditions like diabetes; they might undergo some of the serious stages of Corona. Covid-19 in pregnancy can result into a premature and caesarean delivery with the child getting admitted to the neonatal unit. So, Coronavirus prevention tips for pregnant women are:

  • One must stay at home until there drops a medical emergency.
  • Must prefer telephonic consultations for routine hospital visits and minor queries.
  • Must restrict home visitors including housekeeping staff, maids, etc.
  • Should wash hands and face regularly
  • Maintain social distance in public places.
  • And, above all, opt for taking vaccine.

What To Do For The Safety Of The Newborns? 

Ensuring the perfect health for the babies is often more important for the mothers than looking after their own self. This is not advisable in times like these. Let’s look at how to protect mother and babies from Coronavirus, together.

  • Wear a mask when within 6 feet of your newborn
  • Sanitise or wash hands thoroughly before holding/carrying your newborn
  • If you’re taking help from a caregiver, make sure he/she is healthy and not at an increased risk of serious illnesses.

What Should the breastfeeding mothers take care of?

Breast milk is the best of the diets that you can render your child with. It has the potential to provide protection against many illnesses and is the right source for their nutrition. It has been proven via studies that breast milk has antibodies. Now, while Corona is hitting harder, we need to stay aware and updated about the safety tips for breastfeeding mothers in Covid-19.

  • One must wash hands thoroughly before breastfeeding
  • Also, wear a mask while breastfeeding
  • Keep a regular check at your baby’s growth and feeding
  • Check how you and your baby is doing overall

FIGO (International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics) puts forth that Covid-19 vaccines are believed to pose minimal to no potential risk to the newborn through breast milk. Therefore, vaccine can be given to pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Apart from these one must also look into how to protect toddlers from Covid. They must not wear a mask till 2 years of age, as their airways are smaller which might make breathing difficult for them. Also, make sure to prepare food for them in safe and hygienic environment. And, above all, stay aware and updated.

Park Hospital, Gurugram, wishes you happy parenting during Coronavirus!

The Relationship Between Covid-19 and Asthma: What People Need To Know

  • COVID19 and Asthma

Asthma is a condition in which the airways of a person become inflamed, narrow, swelled up and produce extra amounts of mucus which hinders the normal breathing process of a person. This situation can arise because of airborne allergens, such as pollens, dust mites or respiratory infections such as common cold. In the times of the day, the link between Asthma and Covid-19 is believed to have worsened the situation for people who were already victims of Asthma, as they are more susceptible to contracting the virus. Not only this, the severity of Covid symptoms can also increase in such patients.

Risk for Asthma and Covid-19 Patients

According to experts, the impact of Covid-19 on Asthma patients will not just incite severe symptoms, but may also lead to pneumonia, fibrosis or other intense respiratory diseases.

Asthma and Covid-19 Symptoms

The major symptoms observed in patients of Asthma and Covid-19 are breathlessness, fever, wheezing and headache. One may also sense serious tightness in the chest.

Tips for Asthma and Covid-19

  • People who have contracted both Coronavirus and Asthma are advised to take regular inhaler and bronchodilator therapies along with their medications as per the schedule.
  • Nebulisation is also very useful in handling Covid-induced bronchospasms, as patients can take it with or without steroids to control chest congestion.
  • Since vaccination has successfully reached us, patients of Covid-19 and Asthma must ensure to take the doses as timely as possible.
  • People suffering from both Coronavirus and Asthma must not step out of the house until highly necessary and must wear double masks as a precaution.
  • One must avoid outdoor exercises and focus on doing breathing exercises along with yoga indoors.  
  • To avoid congestion in the chest, one must inhale steam twice a day.
  • Keep your anxieties and stress level low with an increased awareness of your triggers.
  • Your room and surroundings must remain clean and disinfected, but do not spray disinfectants without covering your face, as it might trigger difficulty in breathing.
  • Keep a peak flow metre with you and regularly measure the speed at which air comes out of your lungs so that if any abnormality is noted, it can be taken care of timely.

Besides these few precautions for Asthma and Covid-19 patients, it is highly necessary for everyone to take healthier diets, especially one that contains significant amounts of Vitamin C. We all must regularly wash hands, sanitise and wear a mask to not just help ourselves but everyone around.

Park Hospital wishes you a safe journey ahead in the wake of Covid-19.

Happy World Asthma Day!

How to Win Against Corona Virus at Home

  • How to Win Against Corona Virus at Home

Coronavirus (official name: SARS-CoV-2) causes the disease Covid-19 which has hit a large multitude of masses in cold blood since the end of the year 2019. The inception of this disease, initially, infected only a few people but in a very short episode of time, the disease with its considerable fatality rate was recorded to have embraced almost the complete globe, turning itself into a pandemic.

How to Win Against Corona Virus at Home

The situation seen in India, currently, speaks of the virus as a deadly killer that has shaken the spine of the whole nation to its roots. The number of recorded cases in every 24 hours are being counted in thousands and the death rate has also gone high up to hundreds, which definitely is a dismaying number when the vaccination drive is at a regular run.

Now, in conditions as bad as this, it becomes the duty of every responsible citizen to watch out for Coronavirus prevention tips that can contribute in getting the situation at ease. Some of the Coronavirus preventive measures that can help in fighting the disease are:

  • Primarily, as a safety precaution for Covid-19, do not go into public places except when it’s highly necessary
  • Wear masks and maintain social distancing
  • Clean hands and face at regular intervals
  • Sit in the sun for 15-20 minutes daily
  • Rest/sleep for at least 7-8 hours/day
  • Drink 1.5 litres of warm water per day
  • Inhale steam once if you are at home, twice if you go to buy essentials, thrice if you meet people.
  • Practice food safety and increase the consumption of alkaline foods whose pH level is more than that of the virus
  • Seek medical care as early as you start to feel the symptoms like cough, fever, difficulty in breathing, etc.
  • Disinfect/sanitise your home at regular intervals

Similary, there are lots of steps that one can take as safety precautions against coronavirus in order to strengthen one’s own immunity against the disease as well as to be able to help others in dire situations. To stay informed and updated is one of the major coronavirus preventive measure that one can take to remain disinfected.

As a safety precaution against Covid-19, many cities in the country are facing lockdown like the capital city of Delhi. The government of the country is doing all it can to prevent the spread of the virus and also urging the masses to take the Coronavirus prevention tips as seriously as they can. Now, in times like these, it is the duty of every individual to help him/her self, the doctors as well as the whole nation.

Park group of Hospitals wishes you safe health free of Covid-19!

Stay Safe and Informed: Latest News of Covid-19

  • Coronavirus

To curb the spread of Covid-19 throughout the capital, the Delhi government has agreed to impose a lockdown and even a host of other restrictions. As per the latest Covid updates, the curfew would start at 10 p.m. on Friday with the shutting down of malls, gyms and spas.


Latest news of Covid: Delhi would be subjected to restrictions

  • The restrictions would be lifted only for emergency services. Interstate transportation will be maintained.
  • The restrictions would not apply to people heading to hospitals, train stations, or airports.
  • Wedding guests would be given curfew passes by the Delhi government.
  • Until further notice, most stores, shops, spas, pools, or gyms will be closed.
  • Although auditoriums must remain closed, theatre halls would be permitted to operate at 30% of their normal capacity.
  • Employees would be guided to operate from home in private offices.
  • Transportation of both necessary or non-essential items would be unrestricted.

Corona Update: E-passes— who will require and how to use it?

Pregnant women as well as those with medical emergencies would be able to travel without verification, whereas government officials, healthcare employees, and staff at diplomatic offices would only have to bring their identification cards to be excluded from the curfew. Valid tickets would be needed for all those commuting from or to airports, train stations, or transport hubs.

Covid Updates for other States

In response to an increase in Covid-19 cases, the Rajasthan government imposed a night curfew throughout all cities starting April 16 to 30, from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. Meanwhile, UP has declared a total lockdown for Sunday. Both urban and rural regions will be closed, as well as all shopping centres except for critical services. The limitations will go into action at 8 p.m. on Saturday and it will last until 7 a.m. on Monday.

Final Words

This wave is much more viral, and it is spreading rapidly as per the latest corona update. It is unquestionably more contagious, although it is far more virulent, said Dr. P N Kakkar, CEO of Park Hospital as they are ready for any further challenges.

What is Cardiovascular Angiography?

  • Cardiovescular Angiography

Cardiovascular angiography also known as coronary angiography is a procedure that makes use of an X-ray machine to examine the blood vessels. This angiography is majorly done to examine the flow of bloodstreams and to check if there are any restrictions in the blood flow reaching the heart.

During the process of cardiovascular angiography, a dye is injected into the blood vessels of the heart that are visible through the X-ray machine. The process of angiography involves the X-ray machine, taking a series of images that are known as angiograms.

Cardiovescular Angiography

Cardiovascular angiography should always be secured with maximum precaution. Park Hospitals provides you with the most secure and efficient heart centres in Ambala that are occupied by some of the best cardiologist in Ambala. 

How to prepare for the Cardiovascular Angiography?

Many patients opt for cardiovascular angiography but are often nervous about how to prepare for the test. Here are a few tips to follow to prepare for cardiovascular angiography:

  • It is recommended not to eat for 6 hours prior to the procedure and only consume clear liquids, that too only upto 2 hours prior to the test. (clear liquids include water, tea, and apple juice)
  • People suffering from diabetes should not take any medication for the next two days and get a kidney test before restarting any prescribed medication. Let your doctor know about all the medicines that you are taking, especially if you taking insulin or Coumadin.
  • Do not smoke a day prior to the test. (atleast for 24 hours)
  • Inform your doctor about any allergy that you may have before you schedule the angiogram.

Final words

Cardiovascular angiography is essential in detecting congenital heart diseases and assessing the flow of blood vessels. As the procedure can be really sensitive at times, you should always be secured with a reputed cardiologist who is known for cardiovascular expertise.

Your search for the best cardiologist in Ambala will end at Healing Touch Hospital Ambala—  known for their extreme supremacy in dealing with critical coronary patients and finding the best and long-living solutions possible.

Book your free consultation today with the best heart centres in Ambala today!

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