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A human body is no less than a miracle and the human brain is the controller of this miracle. From your senses to the muscles throughout the body, the nervous system controls the whole body. Hence, a neurological disorder can turn your life into something that one could never desire off. According to the experts, there are over 600 neurological disorders including brain stroke, tremors, migraine, vertigo, neuro infection treatment, and more. Also sometimes, the problems related to neurological system led to difficulties in moving, speaking, swallowing, learning, or breathing. Therefore, the special unit of neurology at Park Hospitals cures and takes care of all your issues and pain carefully to give you satisfactory improvement and results.

People having problems with their senses, such as touch, vision, or smell must see the best neurologist in Delhi today because sometimes problems related to senses occur due to nervous system disorders. Moreover, a neurological disorder can be extremely dangerous for one’s health hence everyone should take these symptoms seriously and visit the neurologists immediately. Here are some symptoms for neurological disorders discussed by the experts at Park Hospital mentioned below:

• Seizures
• Unexplained Pain
• Muscle Weakness
• Decreased alertness
• Poor Cognitive abilities
• Partial or complete paralysis
• Difficulty reading and Writing
• Partial or complete loss of sensation

If you are facing any of the symptoms and unable to understand that what is happening to you then visit the nearest branch of Park Hospital today. The causes of neurological disorders are quite diverse because both the spinal cord and brain have numerous membranes associated with it. Therefore, the problem with any of those membranes can eventually cause a serious health hazard to your nervous system. The several factors that might be responsible for nervous dysfunctions are an unhealthy lifestyle, infection, hereditary, environmental influences, and physical injuries. These factors are so common that we encounter them daily hence;incorporating a healthy lifestyle and diet can help in keeping the brain and mind healthy.

A diagnosis of a neurological disorder involves MRI Scan, CT scan and other imaging techniques to scan the neurons in the brain depending on the neurological problem. As the best neurology hospital in Delhi NCR, we understand the uppermost concern, which the neurology patients deal with is that their problem is curable or not. Thus, at Park Hospital we have a team of best neurologists in Delhi, best neurologists in Gurgaon and best neuro physician in Panipat who are specialized professionals to take care of all kinds of nerve disorders.

No matter how long you have suffered from neurological disorders, but now the effective assistance is here. Call us now. Along with the best spine surgeons in Delhi, we have fully equipped labs and treatment facilities that specialize in the treatment of neurological disorders. Visit the nearest branch of Park Hospital soon to get your nervous problem diagnosed today!

Get Pumped up About Your Heart!

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Are you going through chest discomfort, nausea, indigestion, heartburn, or stomach pain? If yes, then it is time to get pumped about your heart. Not all problems come with an alarming bell. Therefore, one should never ignore these problems as it could be a symptom for a severe heart disease. Especially, if you are 60 or older, overweighed, has diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure, then it is extremely important for you to keep a strict eye on your lifestyle. Undoubtedly, managing the daily schedule in a way to keep an eye on heart health is not easy. But, here are 5 simple tips that you can incorporate in your daily life to keep the heart healthy.

No Alcohol! No Smoke!

Do you have a habit of drinking alcohol and smoking? Not only alcohol and tobacco affect the heart but is also dangerous for the overall health. Quitting alcohol and tobacco is the very first step towards your healthy way of living. Hence, now learn to move your head from left to right, whenever someone asks you to drink or smoke.

Get Enough Sleep

Having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep during the night? Lack of good sleep is a reason for many health problems. For the majority of adults, a sleep of 7 to 8 hours is enough for the optimal amount of sleep. Put a full stop to the intake of caffeine, go for books rather than Netflix before going to bed, and also grow a positive atmosphere around yourself to maintain good sleep and good heart health.

Laugh out Loud

Typing LOL on phone is not just enough to maintain the heart health. Laugh out loud in your daily life because laughter is the best medicine. Go for funny movies or crack jokes with friends on weekends. According to the researches, laughing decreases stress and maintains the cholesterol and eventually turns out as a helping hand for many heart problems.

Be Physically Active

Regular and moderate physical activity is one of the best ways to keep the heart healthy. Your few No’s can make your day more active. Say No to elevators and escalators and start taking stairs, instead of picking up your car keys, start picking your shoes to walk to the nearby markets or for some other household work.


Originated from India, yoga is now practised all over the world because of its medical benefits. The various Yoga Asanas are immensely beneficial in maintaining the cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes and other problems which people are generally growing through. The lifestyle which we are following has made Yoga extremely important to be incorporated in our daily schedules. Start taking out some time for yoga to reduce stress and to have a better day.

Following these tips can definitely keep your heart healthy, but if you or your any dear one is suffering from any kind of cardiac problems, then Parks Hospital is the perfect stop to count on. Being one of the best heart surgery hospitals in Delhi, our cardiac surgeons provide best heart treatments in Delhi NCR, Karnal & Panipat. Stay tuned with us for more simple tips to keep your body healthy.

Urologic diseases: An overview

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The urinary system can be understood as the drainage system of your body responsible for removing urine, which is composed of waste and water, out of your body. The urinary tract comprises of kidney, bladder and uterus.

Any problem with the urinary tract can be summed up as a Urologic disorder. It is concerned with functions like filtering and carrying the urine out of the body. Anybody from men, women, and children can be affected by these diseases. In females, mostly while it is the urinary tract that is affected, in males, it is the urinary tract as well as their reproductive organs.

Below are few common urologic diseases that you must know about:

Urinary tract infection– It is a common urologic disease. According to the urology specialists of Park Hospital, around 40% of females and 12% of males suffer from this problem. It happens when the pathogenic bacteria or viruses attack the urinary tract and cause infection. Its symptoms include burning sensation while urinating, frequent urge to urinate and a constant feeling that the bladder is not empty.

Kidney Stones-A widely rising urologic disease, kidney stones develop when there are crystals in the urine, and small particles accumulate on these crystals. These stones block the urine flow and cause severe pain. Smaller stones sometimes are expelled from the body naturally; however, bigger stones that create blockage have to be treated with medical or surgical procedures. Best kidney hospital in India, Park Hospital has expert urology doctors that provide excellent kidney stone treatments at affordable prices.

Prostate cancer -The urology specialists at Park Hospital assert that the prostate cancer, a urologic disorder is the second-leading cause of death of men. Weak or slow urinary flow, difficulty in starting urination, frequent and urgency to urinate are few of the starting symptoms of prostate cancer. Our expert urology doctors help the patients with the tests for diagnosis and offer suitable treatment subsequently.

Urinary Incontinence– It is the loss of bladder control which results in the unwanted leakage of urine. A problematic and embarrassing condition, it is mostly found in people with diabetes, pregnant women, and people with overactive bladder and enlarged prostate. Park urologists who are the best urologists in Delhi, says that mostly this condition can be controlled by making some lifestyle changes such as controlled fluid intake, however, if such habits yield no result, patients must seek medical help.

Following are few advices for that aid in maintaining good urologic health:

  • One must always stay hydrated. According to best urologists in Delhi, it is better to keep drinking few amounts of water at regular intervals than to gulp a lot of water at a single time.
  • Cranberry juice is highly effective in preventing urinary tract diseases (UTI).
  • Maintaining a healthy body helps in making toilet habits more comfortable
  • Urology doctors suggest men on making Kegel exercise a part of their daily routine to make their pelvic strong
  • One must watch their intake of caffeine and salt and must promote a smoke-free lifestyle.

Therefore, while some urologic diseases are easily treated and resolved others are long-lasting and require elongated treatment. If you experience any symptoms, you must consult a urologist immediately. At Park, one of the best urology hospitals, we have the expertise to treat urological diseases with experienced medical staff that helps you decide which treatment is best suited for you.

Cancer is NOT a death sentence

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The word cancer refers to a group of diseases. Although there are over 100 different types of cancer, all cancers are characterized by abnormal cell growth. If it is not treated, cancer can quickly spread to other parts of body. It is extremely important that you visit the doctor immediately if you suspect anything unusual with your body. It could be anything, a nagging pain or a visible lump. Park is the Best Cancer Care Hospital in India with advanced technology and compassionate doctors.

How Cancer Begins

Our body is made up of trillions of living cells. Within each cell are genes that control and direct the cell’s functions. Normal cells continuously grow and divide. Over time, they die and are replaced by new ones. Unlike normal healthy cells, cancer cells do not die. Instead, they continue to grow and divide in an uncontrollable manner. These defective cells may form a mass of tissue called a tumour.

Tumors can either be benign or malignant. Tumours that stay in one location and do not spread to other parts of the body are considered to be benign. These are not cancerous and are rarely life-threatening although they can sometimes cause problems, especially when they grow too big. Your Oncololgist in Gurgaon will perform a few tests before confirming the exact nature of your tumor. As the Best Cancer Hospital in Delhi NCR, we leave no stone unturned in getting you the right treatment.

On the other hand, malignant tumours can destroy and invade other normal tissues in your body, making you very sick. However, not all types of cancer form tumours. For instance, tumors are uncommon in leukaemia. These are cancers that typically start in the bone marrow and enter the bloodstream.

As the Best Oncology Hospital in India, we are fully committed to fight against cancer.

What Causes Cancer?

There is no single exact cause of cancer. Like many other diseases, cancer can occur due to a combination of different reasons. Here are some known causes of cancer.

If a particular type of cancer is common in your family, you may have been born with genetic mutations that put you at a higher risk of developing certain cancers.

Smoking increases your risk of getting certain cancers such as lung and oral cancer, as well as cancers of the stomach, kidney and bladder.

Frequent direct exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation –by being out in the sun or from artificial sources– can damage your skin and increase your risk of getting skin cancer.

Excessive exposure to radiation can potentially cause cells in the body to undergo changes. This may increase your likelihood of developing cancer.

Preventive Steps

You must take control of your health and help reduce your cancer risk by making healthy lifestyle choices:

  • Stay away from tobacco in all forms
  • Stay at a healthy weight
  • Get moving with regular physical activity.
  • Eat healthy with plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  • Limit yourself to no more than 1 alcoholic drink a day
  • Protect your skin from the sun
  • Know your family history regarding cancer and assess your risks
  • Have regular check-ups and cancer screening tests.

Cancer Doctors in Karnal say that about a third of all cancers can be cured if they are detected and treated early. Talk to your doctor at Oncology Hospital to know what’s right for you.

Cancer Treatment in India has gone through revolutionary changes. Certain type of cancers is preventable and many cancers are treatable, especially with effective treatment in the early stages. Successful treatment can remove all signs of cancer. Screening helps to detect early signs of cancer or precancerous conditions before any symptoms appear. By the time symptoms appear, the disease has often reached an advanced stage. You can visit Cancer Hospitals in Panipat for a timely screening.

What happens when your body has low levels of Vitamin D?

Famous as the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D is an essential nutrient required by your body for the proper functioning of several systems. Experts have gone even farther to classify Vitamin D as a hormone with every single cell in the body having a receptor for it. However, the bitter reality is that Vitamin D deficiency has now become a global concern, where over 1 billion people worldwide are affected by health problems due to its insufficiency.

It has always been recommended by doctors to keep an eagle eye on your vitamin intake because your body cannot make them in adequate amounts and hence you are depended on external sources to comply with the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA). One prominent source of Vitamin D is sunlight; your body makes it using cholesterol when you are exposed to sunlight. Other sources include fatty fish and fortified dairy products along with supplements, as diet alone cannot help you reach the RDA

For the reason that Vitamin D showers several health benefits on us, its deficiency poses an equal measure of health risks. Let’s find out in detail what happens when your body has low levels of Vitamin D:


One important function that Vitamin D performs is to keep your immune system strong, which subsequently helps you in keeping diseases and infections at bay. Appropriate levels of Vitamin D minimize the risks of respiratory infections and in some cases even prevent it for good. To the contrary, Vitamin D deficiency hauls you close to infections and diseases such as cold and flu. Therefore, if you often get sick or have a recurring cold or flu, low levels of Vitamin D in your body could be a possible explanation for this.


Often neglected as a potential symptom, if you have been facing unexplained weakness and fatigue, it may be because of Vitamin D deficiency. Low levels of Vitamin D in the blood leads to fatigue which in the long run can have severe harmful effects on the quality of life you lead.

Aching bones

Another significant purpose that Vitamin D serves is to help the body in absorbing calcium. Hence, you see, it aids in maintaining your bone health in more than one way. Traditionally also, the deficiency of Vitamin D was associated with a disease called as osteoporosis or rickets, where the bones became soft leading to severe bone deformities. Hence, aching bones and severe back pain can be a result of Vitamin D deficiency. Besides, low levels of Vitamin D in the blood also acts as a contributing factor in rheumatoid arthritis.

Slower wound healing

Wounds that are healing slowly can be a sign of Vitamin D deficiency. Since Vitamin D helps the body in making the compounds that form the new skin as a part of the wound healing process; its insufficiency is bound to cause jeopardizing results. Besides Vitamin D also assists in controlling inflammation and fighting infection and in the absence of these the wound healing process becomes even more impaired and slow.


Low levels of Vitamin D in the blood can be a cause of depression. Researchers have often established a relationship between Vitamin D deficiency and depressed moods. Particularly in older adults, if they are facing depression or seasonal depression, it can be because of low levels of Vitamin D in their blood.

Since the symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency are not very prominent and are rather subtle, it becomes hard to detect whether it is caused by low levels of Vitamin D or any other reason. Experts at Park Hospital always recommend a consultation session with your doctor along with a blood test to become sure of the cause. Park Hospital is equipped with a number of professional nutritionists that assist you in overcoming vitamin D deficiency through proper diet and supplements.

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