Thalassemia Care

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Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder in which the patient has abnormal formation of the hemoglobin; this further leads to improper oxygen transport, and destructs red blood cells. Blood transfusion is one of the treatments for thalassemia, and the patients have to get the blood transfusion done on a regular basis.

Healthy Smile, Healthier You

  • Beautiful young woman with perfect smile. Isolated on white.
Beautiful young woman with perfect smile. Isolated on white.

Portrait of beautiful young woman with perfect smile. Isolated on white.

Your oral health is one of the most significant aspects of your body. They can be a host to many other serious diseases and problems if neglected. We have listed some important facts about oral health and the affect it has on your overall well-being.

Toddlers & Kidney Stone

  • stone in kidney

stone in kidney

In the past few years,  a dramatic increase in pediatric urolithiasis has been observed. This observation has been seen in adolescents without any known metabolic disturbances, but it could be due to their sodium and carbohydrate filled diet. The stone diseases can also be caused because of genetic, metabolic, and dietary reasons as well. There are several reasons that contribute in  pediatric stone disease, and the medical treatment is done under the endourologic management. Proper diet and medication can completely treat the pediatric stone patient