5 Things You Must Know About Breast Cancer

From big names to the unknown smiles of the world, Breast Cancer has devasted many families, snatched many smiles and ruined many happy lives. The fact that ‘Breast Cancer’ is the most common type of cancer is known to everyone. According to the reports, around one in eight women is suffering from a Breast Cancer or has been diagnosed to be affected by breast cancer. But there is always a ray of sunshine, with the development in medical science the survival rates of breast cancer patients are improving day by day. This Breast Cancer month gather all the information about Breast Cancer and become breast cancer aware and risk savvy. Read more to find the 5 things that you might not know about breast cancer:

Breast Cancer is not hereditary

This breast cancer month first get an answer for the biggest misconception related to the Breast Cancer. A lot of people think that Breast Cancer is genetic. But this statement is not at all true. According to the reports, more than 75% of the women suffering from breast cancer have no cancer history. It’s just the fact that Breast Cancer is very common, but it has nothing to do with the genetic cancer history. Till now, only 5% of breast cancers have been caused by inheriting an altered gene.

Men also get Breast Cancer

Can men get breast cancer? A big yes to this question! Breast Cancer mainly occurs in women, but men can get it too. The symptoms for male breast cancers are mostly similar as they are in females. It could be diagnosed if you are discovering a painless lump or thickening in your breast, discharge from your nipple, or changes in the skin covering your breast.

Oh God! What is that lump kind of thing on my breast?

It’s true that breast cancer often presents itself through a lump. But it is not true for every case. There are several other symptoms that are eventually diagnosed as breast cancer. Some of them are itchiness of the breast, redness or swelling, puckering of the skin, and changes in the nipple.

Breast Cancer is not a single disease:

Experts say breast cancer is not one disease that fits for all. There are several types of breast cancer that can occur in a women breast. Therefore, the treatment which would work for one could possibly be not beneficial for the other person. Different breast cancers are diagnosed at different stages and grow at different rates.

Diet and Exercise are the best ways to fight cancer

Incorporating a good diet and healthy exercises are highly recommended for the women. The reason behind them is that women are generally more prone to breast cancer. You don’t need to be a gymrat, you just need and healthy diet and 10 to 19 hours of exercise per week to reap the rewards of reduced cancer risk.

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