Comprehensive Health Check Rs. 7600

Comprehensive Health Check Rs. 7600

An Intensive screening against multiple diseases & health risks your overall well being.

Complete Haemogram CBC – Haemoglobin, PCV, MCHC, MCV, MCH. TLC (Total WBC). DLC (Differential Count) Platelet Count, ESR, Peripheral Smear.
Biochemical Parameters Blood Sugar (Fasting & Post Prandial), Serum Calcium and Phosphorus, Lipid Profile (Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Triglycerides screening, Ratio of Cholesterol / HDL), Glycosylated Haemoglobin (HbAl C).
Kidney Function Test S. Urea, S. Creatinine, Complete Urine Analysis, Uric Acid, Calcium, Potassium, Chlorides, Phosphorus.
Liver Function Test Total Protein, Albumin, Globulin, A/G Ratio, SGPT, SGOT, Alkaline Phosphatase, S. Bilirubin, (Total & Direct).
Lung Function Test Pulmonary Function Test (PFT/Spirometery).
Thyroid Profile T3, T4 & TSH.
Cardiac Assessment ECG, Tread Mill Test (TMT), Echocardiography.
General Tests Blood Grouping & Rh Typing, Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) for men, Pap Smear & Ultrasound screening Breast for women, Stool examination (Routine), Ultrasound Screening of the whole abdomen, X-Ray Chest.
Consultations Pre Check up Clinical examination, Post Check up Consultation and Medical Summary Advice by Senior Consultant Internal Medicine, Consultation Gynaecologist (for women) /ENT /Ophthalmology/Dental.

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