International Patients

The medical treatment in India is starting to become viable these days. It is becoming a leader in the traditional, as well as conventional form of medicine. The medical staff has been providing the healthcare services no less than any other country in the world.

In 2010, a report was published that stated that the confederation of Indian Industry and Mckinsey believe that the emergence of medical tourism will add a feather to the success story of India’s healthcare industry. Even though it’s in its nascent stage as of now, it is going to grow in the next 5 years and is going to contribute an additional revenue of 2.3 Billion USD. After the software industry, medical tourism is stated to be the largest exporter of gross revenue.

Medical Tourism is basically treatment exchange across the borders for healthcare purpose and has gained acceptance in the Southern India at a very large scale. Factors contributing for its growth are-

1. Long waiting period to get medical healthcare in UK, US, Europe and Middle East.

2. Convenient and Affordable international environment.

3. Improved healthcare standards and technology in India.

4. Expensive healthcare in the west.

5. Some important medical procedures not covered under insurance in the West.

The Reproductive tourism, or outsourcing has also gained immense popularity in the past few years. It is the practice in which people travel to foreign country for in vitro fertilization, surrogate pregnancy and other advanced reproductive technology. It includes technologies like freezing embryos and retro-production as well.

1. Popular Medical Tourism Procedures Include-

2. Orthopedics

3. Colonoscopy/ Endoscopy

4. Eye Surgery

5. Gynecological Procedures

6. Stereotactic Mammography

At Park, we offer several services to our international patients. :

Detailed Study of the Case History-

Before the arrival of the patient, our Sr. Consultants thoroughly study the case history of the patients. We get the latest medical reports and clinical status of our patients, and then we give an estimate costing of the treatment plan.

Visa Assistance

Medical Visa is required in order to get medical treatment in India, which is to be applied to the Indian Embassy. If the patients need assistance in getting the visa, we provide that too. All they have to do is, give us the passport details of the patient and the person accompanying them.

Payment Options

We give our patients an option to transfer the treatment fees to our hospital bank prior to their arrival, so that they do not have any problems. The payment can be made via credit/debit card or wire transfer. Paying cash at the hospital reception is also one option the patients can avail.

Airport Pickup

Our executive picks the patient from the airport once they land. All they have to do is, provide us with the flight details.

Treatment and Appointment

For the emergency cases, we make sure that the patients do not have to wait to schedule the appointment with the doctor. The treatment is started on the day the patient lands.

Other Services

1. All your needs is taken care of by our friendly and experienced staff.

2. Complementary Food.

3. One attendant (Except ICU) is allowed, and they will get complimentary meal.

4. We help in getting you accommodations in hotels or guesthouses according to your budget/requirement.

5.Transportation is provided by the hospital pre and post medical checkup along with airport drop.