More Care. Less Fear

More Care. Less Fear

Cancer Treatment in India

Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases. However, cancer treatment in India has made huge progress and new findings have been brought to the forefront. This includes improved understanding of the biology of cancer, accuracy in diagnosis and staging of cancer and optimizing the treatment of cancer. Many tumors can now be eliminated with surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and other treatments.

At Park Hospital, we strive to provide cancer care through dedicated and compassionate team of professionals who constantly work towards enhancing and extending the lives of patients with cancer. Park Hospital is considered a leading oncology hospital providing quality & affordable cancer care in a comprehensive environment. Cancer diagnosis and treatment at Park Hospital, the best oncology hospital in India involves a team of experts in radiology, pathology, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and symptom management. We focus on quality, care and efficiency to deliver even better outcomes and extend access to patients in need.

Park Hospital is committed to ongoing improvement of patient care in all areas. While we have an excellent record in delivering quality patient care and managing risks, we continue to focus on improvements that will keep it at the forefront of health care delivery. To this end, we pride ourselves on listening and responding to the needs of our patients. We continually evaluate and improve on all aspects of our performance which makes us the best cancer hospital in Delhi. In addition to clinical care; we also focus on providing education and counselling to patients and their families so that they are empowered to take an active role in their treatment plan.

Diagnosing the cancer timely and accurately plays a major role in deciding the appropriate care plan. Not to be at risk, we have cancer screening packages available for male and female both. The sooner cancer is diagnosed, the better the chance of its getting cured. Apart from a physical examination, doctors at Park Hospital, the leading cancer care hospital in India, use the results of many tests such as blood and imaging tests and biopsies to diagnose cancer and find out if it has spread to other parts of the body. Our radiologists use the most advanced imaging technologies to safely detect cancer, and our pathologists employ sophisticated techniques to precisely pinpoint the type and extent (or stage) of disease you might have.

With a diagnosis as terrifying as cancer, it’s no wonder that you might get confused regarding the treatment options available to you. But you have access to the best Oncologist in Gurgaon at Park Hospital; so why not choose us, the most advanced & affordable cancer care  practice with 8 locations to choose from. Our doctors treat nearly every form of cancer with a wide range of services, state-of-the-art treatments and technologies.

Your Oncologist and Oncosurgeon will:

  • Explain the cancer diagnosis and stage (the extent of the cancer)
  • Develop, discuss, deliver, and direct all treatment options and a recommended treatment strategy
  • Work with a multi-disciplinary care team who specialize in different areas of care but work together
  • Maintain your quality of life by managing pain and other symptoms or side effects
  • Listen to your needs while delivering world-class quality and compassionate care
  • Affordable cancer treatment at Sarkari rates

For more information about treatments, call us at 1800-102-6767 , we’d be happy to schedule an appointment with one of our oncologists and oncology surgeons

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