En plaque meningioma

Park Hospital, Panipat successfully completed a rare type brain tumor surgery

  • Park Hospital, Panipat successfully completed a rare type brain tumor surgery

Dr. Anil Arya a highly experienced neurosurgeon at the superspecialty hospital performed a successful neurosurgery for En plaque meningioma and gave a healthy new life to the patient.

Gurgaon, Haryana: The multi super-speciality hospital of Park Group, Panipat announces to have successfully operated an en-plaque meningioma through a large craniotomy with complete excision of tumour.

A 45 year old woman visited hospital for an OPD consultation with Dr. Anil Arya wherein he studied the MRI reports and after brain investigations, he diagnosed a rare brain tumour. The lady had progressive increasing headache on the right side of the brain for last 5 years. However, for last 2 years she also had mild weakness in left upper & lower limbs with pain and bulginess in both eye balls. The patient visited a private hospital in Sonepat for the treatment wherein the CT head was performed and based on the same she was misdiagnosed with Subdural Hematoma. During the operation (Burr hole surgery), the doctor confirmed that this case is of Brain tumour.

According to Dr. Anil, this surgery was very complicated as the type of tumour diagnosed is highly vascular and is very risky to operate. On 27th July 2017, Dr. Arya operated the patient at Park Hospital Panipat and excised complete tumour mass from her brain through a large craniotomy.

Dr. Anil Arya stated that, “Post surgery the patient is fully conscious, oriented with no signs of limb weakness or any other problems.” He further added that, the complication and the poor prognosis of during and after surgery was explained to the patient and the family.