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Top 10 Hospitals in Delhi, India

  • top 10 hospital in Delhi, India

After leaving a great impression in the North region of India, Park Hospital has earned are owned position among the top 10 hospitals in Delhi. Park Group is a rapidly growing chain of hospitals in Delhi and has various Hospitals in Gurgaon, NCR. Presently, they have 1500 beds and reach the level of prominence in the field of healthcare through their new tech machinery and advanced treatments along with a skilled team of doctors as well as Professional staff. With the support of a great panel of doctors and 27*7 emergency services, the hospital attracts a number of patients from all over the North India.

Park Hospital offers high-quality treatment for Cardiac Sciences like diagnosis and monitoring of heart patients, crucial analytical procedure and, Neurology, Nephrology, Orthopedics& Joint replacement, General Surgery, Critical Care etc., which only the best hospitals in India, can provide. The hospital is the appreciable blend of state-of-the-art infrastructure, new tech tools & machinery as well as tech-friendly staff which gives a thought of care and best treatment. Not only this but also the hospitality of the hospital for the people who come along with patients are magnificent so that one can relax in a critical situation.

Excellence in Quality Healthcare:

  • The team of cardiac sciences comprises of health science assistants, operating department practitioners, specialist nurses, anesthetists, radiographers and so on, they help the patients in their most critical times and take complete care till the time they are not cured.
  • The Neurology unit is supported by well-equipped and complete ICU facilities, and also for managing critically ill neurological patients, The Electro-Encephalogram (EEG) monitoring is also available at the multi speciality hospital.
  • The Nephrology unit is equipped with the latest technology for the advance treatment of renal disease and also other problems due to stone, diabetes, hypertension, and infection.
  • The unit of Obstetrics and Gynecology in the hospital takes complete care of the women health, from pre to postnatal period along with advanced gynecologic surgeries, if needed.
  • The Orthopedics & Joint replacement units help to replace the damaged bone which provides comfortable movements very soon.
  • The unit of Oncology of Park Hospital works and gives the best treatment to Cancer patients through its various forms of treatments which include hormones, drugs, chemicals and biological products.
  • The General Surgery unit normally focuses on the abdominal area organs treatment, as it is the one of the significant decision for your physical well-being.


Being one of the best Hospitals in Gurgaon, Park Groups a renowned name which is synonym with the new birth, healthy life that each and every individual strives for.