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Understanding and Treating Neurological Disorders

Neurology HospitalRight from childhood epilepsy to old age dementia, neurological disorders affect people at all stages of life, even affects entire families. Did you know that stroke is the leading cause of serious long-term disability or multiple sclerosis affects more than 2 million people worldwide, most in the prime of their lives? Park hospital, the best neurology hospital in Delhi, provides the very best care for patients afflicted by neurological disorders.

Park Hospital provides outstanding patient care based on the principles of cooperation, compassion and innovation. It has the best neurologist in Delhi heading its Neurology department. We diagnose and treat diverse spectrum of patients with a vast array of disorders. The department offers an extensive range of neurological services in:

  • Consultation, diagnosis and management of migraine and other headaches
  • Consultation, diagnosis and management of epilepsy
  • Consultation, diagnosis and management of dizziness and blackouts
  • Consultation, diagnosis and management of neuropathic pain
  • Consultation, diagnosis and management of movement disorders
  • Consultation, diagnosis and management of Multiple Sclerosis
  • Consultation, diagnosis and management of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias
  • Neurorehabilitation, (e.g. Post-stroke rehabilitation)
  • Evaluation of spine related diseases (e.g. clarifying necessity and site of surgery)
  • Evaluation of entrapment syndrome
  • Evaluation of unclear sensory, motor or cognitive symptoms
  • Treatment of chronic neurological conditions
  • Evaluation and treatment of sleep disorders

Neurophysiological services

  • Electroencephalography-EEG.
  • Electromyography-EMG.
  • Nerve conduction study-NCS

For you or a loved one to be diagnosed with any kind of brain disease is devastating and leads to many unanswered questions. At Park Hospital, the best neurology hospital in Gurgaon, has trusted and trained doctors help you to find the best answers. During the initial consultation with our best neurologist in Gurgaon, you will be examined and recommended a course of treatment. He may either suggest for some treatment or diagnostic investigation, such as brain images (CT, MRI), neurophysiological investigations (EEG, EMG), blood tests, physiotherapy or speech therapy. Follow-up appointments will be arranged with your Consultant Neurologist Doctor, as necessary, to review test results and to discuss your future treatment plan.

Management of pain is vital to treatment for patients who are recovering from a neurological disorder. The Park Hospital is considered the most effective Pain management hospital in Gurgaon that helps patients suffering from chronic pain by providing the required diagnosis and treatment for any source of pain, right from migraines to degenerative diseases.

In the recent times, there has been much advancement in the treatment of Neurology related diseases. With the emergence of new drugs and devices, the doctors at Park Hospital are trained to provide path-breaking treatments for this complex problem of Neurology to patients worldwide.

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Building on the tenets of affordability in healthcare

November, New Delhi:  Taking forward the affordable and accessible healthcare for all tenet of our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Dr. Ankit Gupta, Managing Director of the Park Group of Hospitals has been recently honoured as ‘Future Leader of Healthcare in India’ at a high-level award function organized during the ‘Ahimsa Diwas Samaroh’ in the national capital.

Shri M Venkaiah Naidu, Vice President of India, who was also the chief guest at the event, presented the award to the visionary leader Dr. Ankit Gupta. Other notable guests present at the award ceremony included, Dr. Ajit Gupta, Chairman, Park Group of Hospitals;Mr. Rajat Sharma, owner India TV and Mrs. Kiran Chopra of Times Group.

Expressing his excitement on receiving the prestigious award, Dr. Ankit Gupta, Managing Director, Park Group of Hospitals said, “Park Group of Hospitals has been successful in providing affordable healthcare assistance to every citizen. We have also created a platform of affordable cancer treatment . Over the last few years, Park Group of Hospitals has experienced remarkable growth and emerged as the fastest growing chain of super speciality affordable hospitals in Delhi-NCR and Haryana. We have aimed at setting a revolution in the healthcare industry by achieving a balance in the number of businesses and quality deliverance of treatment to the masses. I sincerely hope to carry the legacy forward in the years to come, and rapidly expand the presence of Park Hospitals in other parts of India.”

Dr. Ankit Gupta, Managing Director Park Group of Hospitals further added that “we at Park Group of Hospitals will always take more and more of such initiatives to address and eradicate the issues related to escalating treatment costs creating a comfort zone for all”.

About Park Group of Hospitals

Inspired by the noble vision to deliver highest quality personalised healthcare at affordable rates, Park Group of Hospitals is 35 year old healthcare provider established by Dr. Ajit Gupta. The first hospital was established in Malviya Nagar South Delhi in 1982 under the adept guidance of Dr. Ajit Gupta and with his rich experience, the Group has evolved as one of the fastest growing chain of Super Speciality affordable hospitals in Delhi NCR & Haryana. Park Group is committed to deliver comprehensive and advanced tertiary healthcare through its network of 8 hospitals spread across Delhi NCR & Haryana with approximately 1500 beds.