Thalassemia Care

Thalassemia Care

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Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder in which the patient has abnormal formation of the hemoglobin; this further leads to improper oxygen transport, and destructs red blood cells. Blood transfusion is one of the treatments for thalassemia, and the patients have to get the blood transfusion done on a regular basis.

The main symptoms of thalassemia mainly include Fatigue, paleness, bone deformities of the face and even dark urine. You can reduce the effects of thalassemia by making some lifestyle changes., suggested by one of the top 10 hospitals in India

  • Avoid Excess Iron– Most of the thalassemia patients are recommended not to take iron, or any other iron supplements. However, in some cases, the doctor might ask you to take iron.
  • Healthy Diet- You must take care of your diet, which contains plenty of nutrients, as it helps you boost your energy. In order to increase the red blood cells, you might need to take folic acid supplements. You also need to keep your bones healthy, and for that adequate amount of calcium is also needed.
  • Stay away from Infections- Staying away from infections is also very important, and you must keep your hands clean at all times. In case you have had your spleen removed, then staying away from the infection is the most important thing to do. Annual flu shots, hepatitis B vaccine and meningitis vaccine should be taken on a regular basis.

When the blood transfusion is done, there are some things to be taken care of. The blood has to be tested by the Best Hospital in Delhi, to make sure it is not infected. Commercial blood should never be transfused. If the blood level is below 7 gm, then the transfusion can be done. The hemoglobin level should also be checked, and it should be above 12,13. You can visit Park Group of Hospitals to get the right treatment for Thalassemia.

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