Urologic diseases: An overview

Urologic diseases: An overview

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The urinary system can be understood as the drainage system of your body responsible for removing urine, which is composed of waste and water, out of your body. The urinary tract comprises of kidney, bladder and uterus.

Any problem with the urinary tract can be summed up as a Urologic disorder. It is concerned with functions like filtering and carrying the urine out of the body. Anybody from men, women, and children can be affected by these diseases. In females, mostly while it is the urinary tract that is affected, in males, it is the urinary tract as well as their reproductive organs.

Below are few common urologic diseases that you must know about:

Urinary tract infection– It is a common urologic disease. According to the urology specialists of Park Hospital, around 40% of females and 12% of males suffer from this problem. It happens when the pathogenic bacteria or viruses attack the urinary tract and cause infection. Its symptoms include burning sensation while urinating, frequent urge to urinate and a constant feeling that the bladder is not empty.

Kidney Stones-A widely rising urologic disease, kidney stones develop when there are crystals in the urine, and small particles accumulate on these crystals. These stones block the urine flow and cause severe pain. Smaller stones sometimes are expelled from the body naturally; however, bigger stones that create blockage have to be treated with medical or surgical procedures. Best kidney hospital in India, Park Hospital has expert urology doctors that provide excellent kidney stone treatments at affordable prices.

Prostate cancer -The urology specialists at Park Hospital assert that the prostate cancer, a urologic disorder is the second-leading cause of death of men. Weak or slow urinary flow, difficulty in starting urination, frequent and urgency to urinate are few of the starting symptoms of prostate cancer. Our expert urology doctors help the patients with the tests for diagnosis and offer suitable treatment subsequently.

Urinary Incontinence– It is the loss of bladder control which results in the unwanted leakage of urine. A problematic and embarrassing condition, it is mostly found in people with diabetes, pregnant women, and people with overactive bladder and enlarged prostate. Park urologists who are the best urologists in Delhi, says that mostly this condition can be controlled by making some lifestyle changes such as controlled fluid intake, however, if such habits yield no result, patients must seek medical help.

Following are few advices for that aid in maintaining good urologic health:

  • One must always stay hydrated. According to best urologists in Delhi, it is better to keep drinking few amounts of water at regular intervals than to gulp a lot of water at a single time.
  • Cranberry juice is highly effective in preventing urinary tract diseases (UTI).
  • Maintaining a healthy body helps in making toilet habits more comfortable
  • Urology doctors suggest men on making Kegel exercise a part of their daily routine to make their pelvic strong
  • One must watch their intake of caffeine and salt and must promote a smoke-free lifestyle.

Therefore, while some urologic diseases are easily treated and resolved others are long-lasting and require elongated treatment. If you experience any symptoms, you must consult a urologist immediately. At Park, one of the best urology hospitals, we have the expertise to treat urological diseases with experienced medical staff that helps you decide which treatment is best suited for you.

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