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Palam Vihar
Palam Vihar

Dr. Arunim Purkayastha

MBBS, MD (Medicine)


Internal Medicine



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MBBS, MD (Medicine)

Past Experience

    As Senior Resident at Janakpuri Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi

Areas of Expertise

1. Diabetes, Hypertension
2. Thyroid Disorders, PCOS
3. Dyslipedemia, Osteoporosis
4. Infectious Diseases, COPD
5. Gastro Intestinal
6. Hepatic Diseases
7. Gastro Intestinal
8. Hepatic Diseases
9. Asthma etc.

Awards & Publications


Cases Managed

1. Post Organophosphate Poisoning with Intermediate Syndrome
2. Autoimmune Hepatitis
3. COVID with MODS
4. Decompensated Liver Disease
5. Inflammatory Bowel Disease
6. SLE with Vasculitis
7. Tropical Disease
8. Dengue/ Malaria
9. Covid-19 & its Complications
10. Acute Viral Hepatitis
11. Drug Indused Liver Inj
12. Peptic Ulcer Disease
13. Chronic Liver Diseas
14. Chronic Airway Disease
15. Diagnostic Upper GI Endoscopies
16. Anemia & Blood Disorders


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