Banking the<br>Core of life

Banking the
Core of life

Blood Bank

"A blood bank is a center where blood products are collected, stored, and distributed to meet the needs of patients who require transfusions. It is a central collection facility which supplies banks in hospitals or clinics with the components they need.
A blood bank is an important asset to a hospital because patients could need extra blood for survival. Extra blood could be required at the time of surgery or a patient has a low blood count. The whole point of a blood bank is to store and retrieve blood from the hospital when needed.
Blood banks have done a lot of good in the world. They collect blood from people and make it available to people who need it. Then, the blood is stored and made available for when it's needed most.
Park Hospital has a blood bank that is open 24x7. It is dedicated to ensuring the safety of donors and future receivers by supplying quality blood and its components (PRBCs, FFP, RDP, SDP) from healthy donors. We also promote voluntary blood donation so that patients in need can receive blood as needed.

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Who all can donate?

Who all can donate?

  • Any donor who is healthy fit and free of communicable illnesses is eligible to give blood
  • Donors must be between the ages of 18 and 60 and weigh at least 50-55kg
  • The minimal Hemoglobin level for a donor is 12.5 percent
  • The pulse rate must be between 50 and 90mm per second with no abnormalities
  • Body temperature should be normal and mouth temperature should not be more than 37°C

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