Enabling specialised <br>care for your little ones.

Enabling specialised
care for your little ones.

Paediatric Surgery

Paediatric Surgery refers to the surgical treatments corresponding to children. It includes all the major and minor surgical treatments performed on neonates, infants, children and adolescents. Paediatric Surgery is a highly specialized field as interacting with treating children requires a different level of understanding and training. A surgical treatment involving a child can be fearfully overwhelming for their parents. At Park Hospital’s childcare department, we have highly skilled and experienced paediatric surgeon, nurses and other specialists to put their mind and hearts at ease. Our paediatric team provides the best 24/7 comprehensive care, ranging from consultation, diagnosis, surgical procedures to follow-up; to infants, children, adolescents and young adults who require surgical intervention for their ailments. Our experts are proficient in minimally invasive surgery techniques, which results in less pain and quicker recoveries for our young patients.

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Paediatric Surgery in Children

Paediatric Surgery in Children

Common ailments requiring paediatric surgery in children & adolescents

  • Congenital and developmental anomalies Infectious conditions Trauma and injuries Solid tumours Childhood Cancers Foetal Diagnosis and Treatment Head and Neck Disorders Intestinal Failure (Short Gut syndrome) Inflammatory Bowel Disease Inguinal and Scrotal Disorders

Best Pediatric Surgeon in Delhi

Pediatric surgery is a medical specialty that deals with the surgical care of infants, children, and adolescents. Pediatric surgeons work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, and private practices.

Most pediatric surgeons complete a residency in general surgery before completing a fellowship in pediatric surgery. Fellowships typically last two to three years. During their training, pediatric surgeons acquire skills in the management of complex surgical problems in infants, children, and adolescents.

Pediatric surgeons treat a wide range of conditions, including congenital anomalies, trauma, tumors, and vascular anomalies. They also perform minimally invasive procedures such as laparoscopic surgery. In addition to their surgical skills, pediatric surgeons must be proficient in communication and have the ability to deal with families who are under stress.

What is Paediatric Surgery?

Pediatric surgery is a surgical discipline that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of conditions in infants, children and adolescents. Park Hospital offers a comprehensive paediatric surgical service, which includes both inpatient and outpatient care. We provide a full range of surgical procedures for children of all ages, from newborns to teenagers.

Our team of experienced paediatric surgeons offers a wide range of surgical services, including:

1. General paediatric surgery

2. Neonatal surgery

Paediatric urology

Paediatric gynaecology

Paediatric oncology

Paediatric ENT (ear, nose and throat) surgery

What Does a Pediatric Surgeon Do?

A pediatric surgeon is a doctor who treats children's surgical needs. They may be involved in everything from general surgery to more specialized procedures, like cardiac surgery. In addition to performing surgeries, pediatric surgeons also work closely with other medical professionals to plan and coordinate care for their young patients.

No matter what type of surgery they are performing, pediatric surgeons always keep the unique needs of children in mind. This includes taking extra care to minimize discomfort and anxiety during procedures. It is not uncommon for pediatric surgeons to use special techniques or toys to help put their patients at ease.

Common pediatric disorders

There are numerous common pediatric disorders that may require surgery. Some of the more common disorders include:

1. congenital heart defects

2. hernias

3. Hydrocephalus

Spina bifida

Cleft palate and cleft lip

Esophageal atresia or tracheoesophageal fistula

Gastroschisis or omphalocele

Procedures Performed by Pediatric surgeon

A pediatric surgeon is a medical specialist who treats conditions affecting infants, children and adolescents. Our pediatric surgeons often treat patients with congenital abnormalities (birth defects), as well as performing surgery on children who have sustained injuries.

Some of the most common procedures performed by pediatric surgeons at our Paediatric Surgery Hospital include:

Appendectomy: Removal of the appendix

Chest wall reconstruction: Correction of abnormalities of the chest wall

Congenital diaphragmatic hernia repair: Repair of a hole in the diaphragm that allows abdominal contents to move into the chest cavity

Esophageal atresia repair: Correction of a birth defect in which the esophagus does not develop properly

Gastroschisis and omphalocele repair: Correction of abdominal wall defects that allow the intestines or other organs to protrude from the body

Hernia repair: Repair of abdominal wall defects that allow organs or tissues to protrude through openings in the muscle layer

Intestinal atresia and stenosis repair: Correction of intestinal blockages caused by abnormal development or injury

Pectus excavatum and carinatum repair: Correction of deformities of the chest wall

Pyloric stenosis repair: Correction of a narrowing of the pylorus, the outlet of the stomach

Thoracic surgery: Surgery to repair conditions affecting organs in the chest cavity such as the heart or lungs

Thyroid surgery: Removal of the thyroid gland or parts of it

Where can I find the best pediatric surgeon?

There are many ways to find a great pediatric surgeon. One option is to ask your child’s pediatrician for a referral. Another option is to search online or ask friends and family for recommendations.

When searching for a pediatric surgeon, it is important to consider experience, credentials, and reviews from other parents. You should also schedule a consultation to meet with the surgeon and get a feel for their bedside manner and philosophy on care.

Park Hospital is home to some of the best pediatric surgeons in the country. Our surgeons are the top pediatric surgeons in India. They have years of experience and are highly respected by their peers.

Paediatric & Paediatric surgery:

With an objective to deliver specialty care to children, our Paediatric Speciality Clinics at Park Hospital treats a wide range of paediatric issues in a supportive environment. These clinics feature world-class care at one place for kids and their families

At Park Paediatric Specialty Care Clinic, we offer a wide range of services from endocrinology, eye care, haematology and oncology and NICU follow-up care. Our domain experts partner with kids and their parents to deliver personalised care to them in a feasible manner.

The goal of the Paediatric Specialty Clinic is to make life easier for patients and their families by including physician, nursing, social work, nutrition, child life, blood-drawing and X-ray services in the same location.

What are we offering?

• Vaccination / Immunization and Medical Vaccination Card


• Epilepsy

• Neuro-rehabilitation

• Paediatric Headache

FAQ's: Paediatric surgery

What types of surgeries do pediatric surgeons offer for children?

Pediatric surgeons provide a variety of specialized surgeries for children. Common types of surgeries include thoracic & abdominal surgery, urological surgery and more. The goal of these treatments is to improve the child’s physical health and well-being and allow them to lead fulfilling lives.

How do you ensure the safety and comfort of young patients during surgery?

We understand how important safety and comfort are for young patients undergoing surgery. That’s why we have a dedicated team of pediatric surgeons who specialize in providing the best possible care and experience for young patients. Our procedures involve using specialized medical equipment designed to minimize trauma and discomfort, as well as emotionally supportive staff who provide compassionate care before, during, and after the surgery. We also use a combination of non-pharmacologic pain relief techniques to keep our youngest patients comfortable and relaxed throughout their experience with us.

Can parents be present with their child before surgery and during recovery?

Yes, having a parent present with their child before surgery and during recovery can be very beneficial. During recovery, a parent may even be able to stay overnight with their child in some cases. If you have any questions or concerns about being allowed to stay with your child during surgery and recovery, please contact your healthcare provider for more information.

What post-operative care instructions will be provided to help my child recover at home?

When your child is discharged from the hospital, we will provide instructions for post-operative care and recovery. These instructions may include information about wound care and dressing changes, physical activity restrictions, medication and nutrition guidelines, symptom monitoring, and follow-up care. We will provide written materials to help you remember these instructions and answer any questions you may have. We are here to help you ensure a safe recovery for your child at home.

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