Eliminating pain<br> from the roots

Eliminating pain
from the roots


Park Hospital's Rheumatology Department is unique in many aspects, as competent experts collaborate to provide comprehensive, cutting-edge care for all arthritic and autoimmune illnesses. We perform normal and specialized laboratory tests to diagnose and treat all common and rare rheumatological diseases. As needed, our orthopaedic staff assists patients with arthroscopies and joint replacements. Excellent auxiliary support, including full-service physiotherapy and occupational therapy departments, round out the care for arthritis patients.

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Our Specializations

Our Specializations

  • The use of all Biological Dry treatments including TNF inhibitors & Rituximab
  • All joint disorders like Urticaria/Hives
  • Allergic Rhinitis
  • Angiodema
  • Allergic Bronchitis etc.
  • The use of monoclonal antibodies & advanced treatment for osteoporosis and bone tumour markers
  • All joint injections including shoulders/knees/small joints of the hands
  • Low back pain management

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