Helping you develop <br>a strong & peaceful mind

Helping you develop
a strong & peaceful mind


We provide a comprehensive treatment program to the patients that need therapy. The patient gets to learn about their moods, conditions, feelings and thoughts. Various treatment modalities that are available with Park Hospital are

The different therapies in department of Psychiatry include:
• Cognitive Therapy
• Cognitive Behavior Therapy
• Pharmacotherapy
• Integrative Therapy
• Mind Body Therapy
• Couple Therapy
• Expressive Therapy
• Supportive Psychotherapy
• Emotionally Focused Therapy

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Psychiatry: Overview

Psychiatry: Overview

Psychiatry is a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental health disorders. Mental health disorders can be caused by a variety of factors, including genetic predisposition, brain chemistry, psychological trauma and life stressors. Psychiatrists use a variety of techniques to help their patients, including medication, psychotherapy and emergency hospitalization. Medication can be used to treat the symptoms of mental illness and help stabilize mental state. Psychotherapy can help patients understand and deal with the thoughts and emotions that may be causing their disorder. Psychiatric emergencies hospitalization may be necessary in cases where a patient poses a danger to themselves or others.

Best Psychiatrist for Psychiatric Treatment

What is Psychiatry?

As explained earlier, psychiatry is a branch of medicine. It deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. Park Hospital is a leading psychiatry Hospital in India. We offer a full range of psychiatric services for children, adolescents, adults and elderly. Our team of experienced psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental health professionals provide comprehensive care to help patients manage their mental health problems. We offer a comprehensive and holistic approach in which the psychiatrist actively involves with other specialists and super specialists. Every medical, surgical or gynecological disorder involves acute anxiety in patients and relatives where in psychiatrists’ plays important role.

We offer treatments that include psychotherapy, medication management, counseling, behavior modification, lifestyle changes and more. Our goal is to help our patients achieve the highest level of functioning in their lives. Also, patients once discharged are actively followed up in psychiatry OPD where highest level of confidentiality is maintained.

Types and Symptoms of Common Psychiatric Disorders

There are many different types and symptoms of psychiatric disorders, and each one can vary in severity. Some of the most common disorders include:

• Anxiety disorders: These disorders can cause people to feel extremely anxious or scared, and can often interfere with daily activities. They almost always stress related as stress is increasing hence anxiety related disorders like chronic headache, PSTD, obsessive compulsive disorders ,poor impulse control is also on the rise.
• Depression: This disorder can cause people to feel sad, hopeless, and lose interest in activities they once enjoyed. It can also lead to physical problems such as fatigue and insomnia. Commonest cause of suicide today is depression. It’s more common in women and often leads to marital disharmony and alcohol abuse.
• Bipolar disorder:This disorder causes extreme mood swings, from highs (mania) to lows (depression). People with bipolar disorder may also experience periods of normal mood in between these extremes. Mania stage is noticed by hyperactive, over religious, spending more and increased subjective energy.
• Schizophrenia: This is a serious mental disorder that can cause people to experience hallucinations, delusions, and disordered thinking. Its treatment is often lifelong hence patient is briefed about occupational therapy; relatives are educated about importance of medications and to avoid faith healers.
• Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): Difficulty sustaining attention; easy distractibility; impulsiveness; restlessness and fidgeting. Common after 5-7 years mostly in boys. It’s treated with behavioral therapy that is taught by psychiatrist to parents and care takers of the child.

What kinds of medications are prescribed by psychiatrists?

Other medications that psychiatrists can prescribe include stimulants, which are used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), antiparkinsonian drugs, anticonvulsants, and sedatives. In some cases, psychiatrists may also prescribe non-medication treatments such as psychotherapy or electroconvulsive therapy. However ECT is not available with Park hospital, relaxation exercises like JPMR is practiced by psychiatrists.

Psychiatry Hospital in India

We at Park group of Hospitals are providing one of the best treatment for all psychiatry patients. Our psychiatrists are highly experienced and we involve them in most of medical, surgical, pediatrics and gynecology cases. We practice holistic approach in Park Hospital. We provide world-class treatment for mental illness and disorders.

Our hospital has a team of highly qualified and experienced psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors who provide personalized treatment to each patient. We are among best Mental hospitals that offer a wide range of services including inpatient (For emergency cases) and outpatient care. Park Hospital also has a well-equipped library and recreation room for patients. We take special care in maintaining confidentiality of patients in each care. Both OPD & bed side reviews are regularly practiced. Most psychiatry illness goes unnoticed in India because of the ignorance in the society and stigma associated with mental disorders. Patients with often exploited and given incorrect treatment with traditional faith healers especially in India. Most mental illnesses are treatable if there is will to get treated. Rising stress levels in today world directly contributing to increase in mental disorders and suicides. Stress is also the etiology behind alcohol & substance abuse, sexual disorders, sleep disorders & chronic marital disorder. Common disorders related to sex and sleep is often overlooked which can be manifestation of depression or severe anxiety. Our motto at Park Hospital is to educate our patients and their relatives about importance of mental health and how to live life stress free.

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FAQ's: Psychiatry

• Which hospital should a patient with mental illness should consult?

Park Hospital is one the best hospitals for psychiatric care. A team of experienced psychiatrists provide comprehensive, personalized treatment plans that are tailored to each individual patient needs. We use evidence-based treatments and therapies to help our patients live more fulfilling lives. Our inpatient facility is equipped with the latest technology and provides a calming, supportive environment for recovery. Plus, our staff is dedicated to providing compassionate care that meets all of our patients' needs. At Park Hospital, you can rest assured knowing your psychiatric needs will be taken seriously and treated with the utmost respect and care.

• Can people be treated without their consent at mental hospitals in Delhi?

No, it is illegal for any mental health facility in Delhi to treat patients without their consent. All patients have a right to refuse treatment if they feel that it is not beneficial or necessary for them. According to the Mental Health Care Act of 2017, all facilities must obtain written consent from a patient or their guardian before providing any medical or psychological treatments.

• What is difference between psychology and psychiatry?

The main difference between psychology and psychiatry is that psychiatrists are medical doctors, while psychologists are not. Psychiatrists can prescribe medications, while psychologists cannot. Psychiatry is focused on diagnosing and treating mental illnesses, while psychology focuses more broadly on understanding the behavior of individuals. Psychologists may use therapy to treat mental illness, but they do not have the same medical training or authority as psychiatrists.

• What is psychiatry?

Psychiatry is a medical specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of mental, behavioral, and emotional disorders. Examples include treating anxiety, depression, substance use disorder, marriage counseling, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Psychiatrists are medical doctors who specialize in helping people with mental illnesses live healthier, more productive lives.

• What is the most common mental illness in India?

Depression is the most common mental illness in India. According to recent research, more than 20% of the Indian population may suffer from some form of depression. Symptoms of depression can include feelings of sadness, loss of interest in activities, difficulty concentrating, changes in sleep and appetite, and more. If you think that you or someone you know might be suffering from depression, it is important to seek professional help. Depression can often be associated with medical disorders like hypothyroidism, cardiac illness, alcohol dependence, chronic cancers, HIV patients and even young adolescents.

• Who is father of psychiatry?

The father of psychiatry is considered to be Philippe Pinel, a French doctor who introduced humane treatments for the mentally ill in the late 1700s. He believed that mental illness was caused by social and environmental factors, rather than due to innate evil or demonic possession as had been previously thought. His innovations in the field revolutionized how we view and approach mental health today.

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