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Dr. Kuldeep Kumar Bassi

MBBS, MS General Surgery & DNB Surgical Oncology


Surgical Oncology



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MBBS, MS General Surgery & DNB Surgical Oncology

Past Experience

    1. Mahavir Cancer Sansthan, Patna, Bihar
    2. Rockland Hospital
    3. Hahnemann University, USA
    4. Robert Packer Hospital
    5. AIIMS, Delhi, India

Areas of Expertise

1. Breast oncosurgery
2. Head & neck oncosurgery
3. GI oncosurgery
4. Uro-oncosurgery
5. Gyane-oncosurgery
6. Soft tissue tumor surgery

Awards & Publications

1. Bassi KK, Seenu V, Ballehaninna UK, Parshad R, Chumber S, Dhar A, Gupta S D, Kumar R, Srivastava A. Second echelon node predicts metastatic involvement of higher echelon of nodes in breast cancer. Indian J Cancer. 2006 Jul-Sep;43(3):103-9. (Original article)

2. Bassi KK, Seenu V, Srivastav A. Role of Axillary Sampling in era of Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy: A Critical Review. Indian J Cancer. 2012 Jan-Mar;49(1):66-73. (Review article)

3. Bassi KK, Srivastava A, Seenu V, Parshad R, Chumber S, Gupta S D, Bahadur S, Kumar R. The first and second echelon sentinel lymph node evaluation in oral cancer. Indian J Surg. 2013 Oct;75(5):377-82. (Original article)

4. Soft tissue tumors of limbs, commonly used reconstructive options and our experience.( IndianJ of surgical oncology DOI: 10.1007/s13193-017-0625-6 (Review article)

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