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Glaucoma: a disorder which damages the eyes optic nerve and worsening gradually leading to loss in vision.

Treatment for Glaucoma:

An ophthalmologist can use medication, laser surgery or a microsurgery to lower the pressure on eyes.

Cataracts: a condition leading to clouding of eyes. Mostly develops slowly causing blurry visions. Cataracts can be surgically treated. In this, a patient suffers from age associated loss of transparency of the eye lens. If the symptoms are mild, you might just need new glasses or lenses. And surgeries in the later stages to remove them completely and reinstating normal vision.

Retina diseases like diabetic retinopathy: diseases targeting the light sensitive tissues located at the back of the eye. Diseases like diabetic retinopathy (refers to diabetes related complications, damaging the light sensitive blood vessels supplying blood to the eye) and retinal detachment (caused when the retina retracts from the blood vessel supplying oxygen). Both of them lead to blindness if left untreated.

Oculoplastic Surgery: a specialized area of ophthalmology focused on the health of the eyelids, orbit, tear ducts and other structures around the eye, commonly known as oculofacial or ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Oculoplastic surgery is used to treat conditions ranging from drooping eyelids, to blocked tear ducts, to orbital fractures and tumors of the eye. While oculoplastic surgery is often medically necessary, many people choose to have surgery for purely cosmetic reasons.

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