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Interventional & Non-invasive Pulmonology

Under Interventional Pulmonology, many respiratory conditions that need external intervention are correctly and efficiently diagnosed & treated. An Interventional Pulmonologist comes into play; by offering expertise in minimally invasive endoscopic and percutaneous (made through the skin) procedures.

These do not require long recovery periods, but are the 1st step towards developing a complete treatment plan to ensure the disease has been understood from all angles and so that they can suggest the best way forward.

  • Advanced diagnostic & therapeutic procedures
  • Bronchoscopy
  • Thoracentesis
  • Pleuroscopy
  • Comprehensive evaluation of airway conditions.

Non-Invasive Pulmonology involves diagnosis & management of a range of respiratory diseases, without any external intervention; through certain therapies, exercises, medication or lifestyle changes. Such modalities of treatment have become increasingly popular and recommended after the COVID Pandemic, as people have realized the importance of maintaining a good saturation and oxygen flow, among other parameters.

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