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Types of Anesthesia

Local Anesthesia: A tiny area of the body is numbed by local anaesthetic. It might be applied to a tooth that has to be extracted or to a tiny region around a wound that requires sutures. During local anesthesia a patient is awake.

General Anesthesia: The entire body is affected by general anesthesia. It renders you senseless and immobile. It is utilised in major surgical procedures such as heart surgery, brain surgery, back surgery, and organ transplants.

Analgesics: Analgesics, often known as painkillers, are drugs that alleviate pain.

The anesthesia department at Park group of Hospitals ensures that the right dose and type of anesthesia are given to the patient before major or minor surgery We have experienced anesthesiologists who determine the dose of the surgery, after a thorough analysis of certain tests and past medical records of the patients.

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