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7 Simple Ways to Improve Brain Health, Focus and Memory


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Date: 28 March 2023

Things you should be doing to have a sharp and active mind well into your old age.

When we think of neurology we usually imagine brain diseases and neurological problems that require brain and spine surgery or brain stroke treatment. These include brain aneurysms, epilepsy, brain tumors, nerve damage, multiple sclerosis, and stroke. Brain and spine treatment for these conditions is carried out with the help of neurodiagnostics that record electrical activity in the brain, central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. 

Neurology also covers degenerative nerve diseases of which Parkinson's and Alzheimer's are the most common. In these cases, there is not a lot brain and spine surgery can do to help.  In fact, keeping the brain sharp and active is recommended to keep your brain healthy. 

Seven ways to keep your brain healthy and happy

We forget the element of happiness that contributes to health. This could not be more true of preserving the health and function of our brains as well. Here are ways that you can begin to include in your life today!

Mental games and learning new skills

Neursodiagnostics have shown how mental ‘gymnastics’ like puzzles or taking a course on something new can create new neural connections that help generate new cells and even create ‘elasticity’ for the brain to quickly adapt or compensate for future cell loss andf train the brain to be more focussed.

Exercise and sports

Regular moderate to high-intensity exercise has proven to promote brain health. Exercise increases oxygen in the blood and this oxygen-rich blood is pumped into the region of the brain. As a rule of thumb, exercise that is good for the heart is also good for the brain. Exercise reduces blood pressure, and balances blood sugar and cholesterol which all help control stress. 

Sports have an added advantage to solitary exercise. The social interaction aspect of sports also helps stimulate the brain and keep the brain active with memories being created. It also ensures to keep away loneliness and depression that can adversely affect your mental health.

A good night’s sleep

Uninterrupted sleep for 7-8 hours is said to be important to help the brain consolidate memories and allow complete rest. Consistent disturbed sleep affects normal functioning and creates stress and mental exhaustion.

A healthy diet

A diet of whole grains, fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts are essential foods for brain health. Healthy fats as found in fish and olive oil are extremely beneficial to the functioning of the brain. Dependence on junk food can adversely affect mental focus. In fact, studies have shown that those closely following a Mediterranean diet are less likely to develop dementia.

Avoiding excessive alcohol consumption

Binge drinking or alcoholism can be a big contributor to future dementia. Excessive drinking affects neural connections and can affect memory and focus. 

Treating mental health

Most times we try to address brain health but fully ignore the status of our mental well-being. The biochemistry of brain functioning can change with prolonged periods of depression and stress. There is no brain health without mental health.

Building strong social ties

An extremely important contributor to both brain health and mental health is the social networks we make and continuously interact with. Meaningful relationships provide a fulfilling life with purpose and help the brain stay active and sharp.

If you or someone you know have reason to worry about your brain health, we urge you to speak to a doctor who can provide you with the support you need. You can connect with Park’s neurosurgery hospital in Gurugram or our brain and spine surgery hospital in Delhi. Our neurosurgery departments can help with diagnosis and care for a range of neurological problems. We also have a brain and spine treatment hospital in Gurgaon with brain stroke treatment.

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