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How critical care department help people save their lives?


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Date: 17 April 2022

Critical care is a department that handles all emergency cases in a hospital. These emergency cases may include life-threatening conditions like heart attack, respiratory problem, accidental cases, and organ failure.

Intensive Care Unit is the core division of the critical care in a hospital, where a staff of trained nurses look after the patients under the supervision of the Medical Director. A Most Responsible Physician (MRP) is also appointed to primarily take care of patients. The MRP handles the critical cases under the supervision of the Medical Director.

All the health care professionals at ICU offers 24*7 services to save the lives of critically ill patients. They are highly trained to handle accidental, respiratory, cardiovascular, and organ failure patients with their dedicated approach.

A specialized team of healthcare professionals is appointed to handle all critical cases. All these critical cases are taken to a special ward called Critical Care Unit, which is equipped with advanced intensive care unit equipment and machines to support the human organ system.

This journal of intensive care medicine offers information related to the care provided for critical patients.

Critical Care vs Intensive Care

A critical care ward is settled in an order that every bed can be viewed from the station of nurses for constant visual monitoring. Ample space is left between the beds so that all life-saving equipment can be taken easily to the beds of patients.

Intensive care units are divided into 3 levels, where every level defines the type of emergency support provided to the patients. The level one provides oxygen and invasive care, the level to provide oxygen, invasive support and other basic life support machines. Whereas the level three unit provides advanced intensive care spectrum of equipment for critically ill patients.

ICU of Park Hospital in Gurgaon

Park Hospital provides 24*7 intensive care to the patients at its Critical Care Unit. A team of experts handle all ICU cases closely and with the help of modern life-supporting equipment. The expert healthcare is provided with the constant monitoring of all the patients.

Park Hospital’s ICU care offers:

  • 24*7 Critical Care by expert doctors and nurses
  • Over 450 ICU beds
  • The advanced critical monitoring system
  • Isolated cubicles
  • 1:2 Nurse Ratio round the clock
  • Automated patient care beds

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