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Safety Measures for Mother and Child against Covid-19


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Date: 08 May 2021

It’s always a blessing to have a little one in you/along your side. One cannot measure the delight this companionship gives to the mother and to the rest of the family; it’s simply as if the heaven as descended down on Earth into one’s home. But since the times are not really cheerful around and there’s a huge lot of uneasiness due to Corona, we need to very cautiously deal with our little faces of happiness and also pay heed to the fitness of the mother.

Pregnancy And Covid-19

Pregnant women who have contracted Covid-19 are more likely to develop respiratory complications which might require intensive care. Additionally, pregnancy and Covid-19 can result in severity for women who are already suffering from medical conditions like diabetes; they might undergo some of the serious stages of Corona. Covid-19 in pregnancy can result into a premature and caesarean delivery with the child getting admitted to the neonatal unit. So, Coronavirus prevention tips for pregnant women are:

  • One must stay at home until there drops a medical emergency.
  • Must prefer telephonic consultations for routine hospital visits and minor queries.
  • Must restrict home visitors including housekeeping staff, maids, etc.
  • Should wash hands and face regularly
  • Maintain social distance in public places.
  • And, above all, opt for taking vaccine.

What To Do For The Safety Of The Newborns? 

Ensuring the perfect health for the babies is often more important for the mothers than looking after their own self. This is not advisable in times like these. Let’s look at how to protect mother and babies from Coronavirus, together.

  • Wear a mask when within 6 feet of your newborn
  • Sanitise or wash hands thoroughly before holding/carrying your newborn
  • If you’re taking help from a caregiver, make sure he/she is healthy and not at an increased risk of serious illnesses.

What Should the breastfeeding mothers take care of?

Breast milk is the best of the diets that you can render your child with. It has the potential to provide protection against many illnesses and is the right source for their nutrition. It has been proven via studies that breast milk has antibodies. Now, while Corona is hitting harder, we need to stay aware and updated about the safety tips for breastfeeding mothers in Covid-19.

  • One must wash hands thoroughly before breastfeeding
  • Also, wear a mask while breastfeeding
  • Keep a regular check at your baby’s growth and feeding
  • Check how you and your baby is doing overall

FIGO (International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics) puts forth that Covid-19 vaccines are believed to pose minimal to no potential risk to the newborn through breast milk. Therefore, vaccine can be given to pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Apart from these one must also look into how to protect toddlers from Covid. They must not wear a mask till 2 years of age, as their airways are smaller which might make breathing difficult for them. Also, make sure to prepare food for them in safe and hygienic environment. And, above all, stay aware and updated.

Park Hospital, Gurugram, wishes you happy parenting during Coronavirus!

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