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World Diabetes Day: Create Awareness & Fight Diabetes


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Date: 18 March 2022

World Diabetes Day is observed across the globe to sensitize people towards this chronic disease. Making people aware of diabetes has become a necessity, as millions of people are diagnosed with diabetes every year in every country. According to WHO, India is in the 2nd position, as more than 70 million people have diabetes. 

World Diabetes Day 2021 has its significance as all the major science and healthcare organizations participate in a mission of making a Diabetes Free World. Therefore, imparting knowledge to everyone is important, which is done through seminars and public meetings. 

To be more informed about Diabetes and Diabetes Care, for yourself and for your loved ones, consult the best Endocrinologist at the diabetes center in Park Hospital, Gurgaon. 

Diabetes in our country has been a major health concern. Over 50% of the population is at risk of developing diabetes at some point, during their lifespan— this also contributes to the importance of World Diabetes Day.

Diabetes is also known as diabetes mellitus. It’s a form of chronic disease that happens due to two reasons

  • when the pancreas does produce enough insulin or 
  • when the body cannot effectively use the insulin it produces. 

What is insulin & its role?

Insulin is a hormone that lets the glucose in the blood enter cells, providing them with the energy to function. If the body has a deficiency of effective insulin then that might lead to the development of diabetes. 

The working of insulin can be understood in such a way that the higher the level of glucose, the more insulin is produced to regulate sugar levels in the blood. Insulin also helps in breaking the fat or protein globules for energy in our body. Excessive or improper secretion of insulin can further have worse implications on the human body.

Types of Diabetes  

There are a few different types of Diabetes, but the most commonly found is type 2 diabetes. 

Type 1 Diabetes

This form of diabetes is categorized under auto-immune disease. In such a condition the immune system is compromised and attacks cells in the pancreas. About 10% of the population has this type of diabetes. 

Types 2 Diabetes

Under such medical conditions, the body acquires resistance towards insulin, thus sugar is accumulated in the blood. 

Other forms of Diabetes are Pre-diabetes & Gestational diabetes.  

Causes of Diabetes

Obesity and being overweight are considered to be the prime issues for the cause of diabetes by doctors. 

In India in the year 2021, as per the research, it was found that more than 1 million people suffer from diabetes, as a result of their unhealthy food habits and the type of lifestyle people are living in urban regions. 

Symptoms of Diabetes

  • Fatigue, 
  • blurred vision, 
  • frequent urination, 
  • hunger and thirst 

are a few of the major symptoms that may occur if you have any type of diabetes. But the correct diagnosis, awareness, and primary care diabetes procedure can help you from getting many more health issues.

Making People Aware: 

It is essential for people to be aware of how diabetes is caused and how diabetes care needs to be ensured so as to get the diagnosis done well in time through specialists for diabetes. 

Since there are no such symptoms that would point towards diabetes for anyone who isn’t aware of diabetes, as a post to which diagnosis is done at the later stage, by then the condition of the patient might get worse or result in kidney failure, heart problems, weaker eyesight and many more medical conditions which could have been curbed through proper and timely diabetes care.

Society must be well informed and made aware of diseases like diabetes, which over the years is expected to rise, due to unhealthy lifestyles adopted by the urbanites. 

How Diabetes Can Be Controlled?

Since diabetes is a chronic disease, and hence it can carry forward from one generation to another. But through adequate measures and by adopting healthy ways of living this disease can be controlled. Food habits must be checked, eating unhealthy might further increase insulin formation or might lead to more resistance towards it. 

Diabetes care isn’t a very complex procedure but if done right, it can protect you from getting many more major health problems. If you like to know more about Diabetes or observe anything abnormal within the body, feel free to get in touch with the expert endocrinologist in Gurgaon at Park Hospital Gurgaon. This diabetes awareness day, let us pledge to hold importance for our health!

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