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Caring for Your Eyes: Tips for Digital Eye Strain and Screen Time


Author: Admin

Date: 30 October 2023

Caring for Your Eyes: Tips for Digital Eye Strain and Screen Time


Since The advent of the smartphone and the computer, blue-collar jobs have been almost eradicated and replaced by white-collar jobs that rely on disseminating technology and information for business operations. This change has led to various underlying conditions emerging. Excessive usage of the eyes and lack of sleep that comes via the blue light radiation negatively impact Ophthalmological health.  



Tips for Digital Eye Strain and Screen Time: 

Because mobile phone usage and technology have been taught in almost every part of our daily lives, it is nearly impossible to detach from it. However, this can be mitigated and limited to a certain range to help averse harmful impacts.  


Adjust screen setting: In certain cases, users can adjust the brightness and contrast of their screen to avoid excessive brightness and damage. 


Adjust lighting: Proper Lighting is vital for determining the safety of your eyes. Use soft and focused lighting to reduce the contrast and overall strain on the eyes.   


Choose the right eyewear: consult the correct optometrists and use classes that come with lens coating and tints to help block excessive glare for electronic devices. 


Take breaks: While on social media or scrolling through the computer or phone excessively, try to take breaks and off periods for 10-15 minutes. This helps lose the pressure built up in the eyes. 


Use Eye-drops: Eye drops are an underutilized form of daily treatment. Consult a good ophthalmologist near you and choose a recommended eye drop that is effective and safe. 

Park Hospitals is home to some of the best eye specialists who can assist you in devising the correct routine and procedure for your eyes.    


Symptoms Of Digital Eye Strain: 

  • Tired or itching eyes
  • Blurred vision of Inability to focus 
  • Watery or dry eyes 
  • Sore neck, shoulders 
  • Sudden sensitivity to light
  • Difficulty in concentration 


Conditions treated by Ophthalmology: 


  • Myopia: medical conditions where patients can see objects close to them but not further  ones. These can be treated by refractive surgeries or even contact lenses and eyeglasses that restore vision.   


  • Hyperopia: a medical condition where the patients can observe items far from hyperopia from them but nearby objects appear blurry. These can also be cured by contact lenses and eyeglasses or refractive surgeries that work on restoring the patient's vision. Providing the Best eye treatment in India for more than a decade, park Hospitals should be the optimal choice for you.  


  • Astigmatism: astigmatism refers to a common defect in the eye's curvature that causes blurry vision or eyesight problems. The condition can also be treated via eyeglasses and LASIK surgery. 


  • Presbyopia: a condition where the eyes cannot focus on objects clearly. Usually occurring after age 40, the common cure for this condition is near getting contact lenses and eyeglasses, or even undergoing Lens Implants.  


  • Cataracts: Refers to the clouding of the eye's lens that causes distorted visions. Commonly a byproduct of aging, these can be treated effectively by Cataract surgery.    


  • Glaucoma: This condition damages the optic nerve of the eye because of extremely high Intraocular pressure, which limits the nerve's ability to disseminate visual information properly.   



Ophthalmology At Park Hospitals: 


A proud distributor of medical expertise and treatments for more than 40 years, Park Hospital has helped set a new standard of excellence and efficiency. Providing medical treatment that pertains to anatomy, physiology, and eye diseases. 


Optomologists at Park Group of Hospitals treat many problems and defects, such as refractive errors, cataracts, glaucoma and macular degenerations. Recognised as the best eye specialist hospital in karnal, Park Group of hospitals places special emphasis on efficient diagnosis of the patients to fully assess and analyze their perceived medical conditions and provide the correct degree of medication.


Park Group of Hospitals provides some of the Best eye treatments in Indiaincluding cutting-edge technology and well-trained eye specialists who place customer satisfaction at the forefront. Operating in 12 distinct Indian cities, Park Group of Hospitals provides treatment catered to your needs.

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