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Don’t live with a Fatty Liver: Here is what you can do


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Date: 06 January 2022

Fatty Liver Disease has emerged as one of the most common lifestyle diseases in recent years. The condition is becoming extremely prevalent across the world according to experts. So much so, that it is estimated that one-fourth of the global population is affected by it.

Now, if these many people are supposedly affected by it why don’t they know?

Because Fatty Liver barely has any symptoms. It can only be detected through liver biopsy or diagnostic radiology (ultrasound imaging, CT scan, etc.). To understand the obscure nature of this widespread condition we must understand the disease first.

Understanding Fatty Liver Disease (FLD)

As the name suggests Fatty Liver is the condition where the fat percentage in the liver increases beyond the usual amount which is in less than 10% of the liver’s weight. It causes the liver to increase in size and disrupts the normal functioning of your gastrointestinal system.

The reason why it is so hard to detect Fatty Liver through symptoms is that it is a chronic lifestyle ailment whose effects are slow and intrinsic. Ordinary symptoms as fatigue, weakness, and nausea, or the occasional stomach ache are signs of a fatty liver. But lethargy and minor stomach pain does not get our danger bells ringing, do they?

Well, they should because they might be the sign that your liver is swelling up with unhealthy fat.

There are two types of FLD.

1. Non-alcoholic Fatty liver disease (NAFLD)

2. Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (AFLD)

The names are pretty self-explanatory. Alcoholic Fatty Liver is caused due to alcohol abuse. Nausea is more common in those suffering from AFLD. If left to advance it can easily become cirrhosis or hepatitis of the liver.

Non-alcoholic fatty liver can be triggered due to a variety of reasons like diabetes, high carb intake, lack of an active lifestyle, obesity, weak metabolism, etc. Obesity has long been considered the most common trigger but NAFLD has been seen among those with less than 25 BMI as well.

While mild FLD can cause just liver malfunction and disrupt its functioning rendering it unable to clear toxins and produce bile; Cirrhosis/hepatitis can cause permanent damage to the liver in terms of cell loss, scarring, and eventually liver failure.

Cirrhosis is responsible for the largest number of liver transplants in the world.

Prevention and Cure

There is currently no drug that cures a fatty liver, which means that the treatment of FLD can only be done through abstinence and following a better lifestyle.

The same virtues will prevent it too.

You can take the following steps to prevent fatty liver or stop it from turning into a chronic fatal condition: –

  • Follow a regular healthy diet. Food and drinks containing a lot of oil, carbs, and sugar are bad for your liver in long term, so do highly processed food like pasta and rice.
  • Give up smoking and drinking
  • Exercise regularly and control your weight
  • Nuts and fishes rich in healthy Omega-3 fats, seed oils rich in Vitamin E, and green tea can prevent liver damage. Incorporate a lot of greens in your diet and give up reading meat.
  • Coffee is the magic cure for NAFLD. It helps to regulate the production of liver enzymes and helps protect liver tissue from scarring. That does not mean you should drink truckloads of it.

Remember, Fatty Liver is a disease caused by mindless excesses of our modern lifestyle. Discipline and moderation will ensure that your liver stays sleek, strong, and well-functioning all your life.

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