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Health Benefits of Yoga & Meditation During Covid-19


Author: Admin

Date: 31 March 2022

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, we have seen many people fighting stress, depression and anxiety. Global lockdown, stressful working conditions, change in climate, loss of loved ones and restricted outings can take a toll on people’s minds and overall health. These issues often manifest into physical diseases. While the Government and hospitals are doing their bit to supply vaccines and medicines, one should also follow mindfulness through yoga and meditation to keep themselves fit and healthy.

Health Benefits of Yoga & Meditation During Covid-19

The negative news on TV channels, working from home all the time, feelings of detachment and loneliness can affect your health severely. In fact, as per a study conducted by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, anxiety, depression, increased substance use, and suicidal thoughts have been noticed among the younger generation— mostly people belonging to the age of 18-29.

How is yoga and meditation beneficial during Covid-19?

It has also been observed that people affected by hypertension, depression and cardiovascular diseases are at higher risk to be affected by Covid-19. Moreover, insomnia, negative thoughts, anxiety and stress can weaken the immune system and deplete your body’s strength to fight the virus.

In this case, the age-old practices of yoga and meditation can help reduce stress, strengthen the immune system, improve blood flow, and release muscle tension. The abundant health benefits of yoga and meditation have proved to reduce stress and anxiety among individuals.

Regular practice of yoga and meditation also helps to resolve breathing issues with the help of the benefits of pranayama, which prevents cardiovascular diseases. As you learn to regulate your breath and take longer and deeper breaths, all diseases and emotions trapped in the mind and body are released, leading to peace and good health.

Top 3 Ways to Practice Yoga During Covid

  1. Go for a 30-minute walk in nature.
  2. Register for online classes for availing yourself of yoga and meditation benefits.
  3. Practice basic breathing and stretching exercises in the morning.

Celebrate International Yoga Day With Signature Hospital!

We, at Park Hospital, are celebrating International Yoga Day on 21st June. We request everyone to encourage their friends and family to start practicing yoga during Covid, not only for the well-being of the body but also for practicing spirituality and good mental health.

Let us join our hands together and spread the message of peace and mindfulness. You will be surprised how the benefits of yoga and meditation help you cope up with Covid and other day-to-day issues of life.

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