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The Role of Internal Medicine in Holistic Healthcare


Author: Admin

Date: 09 November 2023

The Role of Internal Medicine in Holistic Healthcare


Despite the emergence of new technologies and productive techniques, there is still a looming possibility of failure in any medical treatment; the advent of internal medicine has changed that. Internal medicine refers to a specialized branch of medical Treatment centered around the diagnosis, Treatment and prevention of internal diseases. 


Developed in the 19th century, the modern variant of Internal medicine was focused on the clinical examination of patients. However, various sources have suggested that Internal medicine and its roots originate from the Ayurvedic practices of Ancient India.


Treatments covered under Internal medicine: 

Immunology and allergy 

Cardiovascular issues and diseases 

Hepatology transplant 



Pulmonary diseases 

Rheumatology treatment 

Endocrinology and Metabolism Treatment   

Nephrology treatment 

Infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS 


Role of Internal medicine doctors: 


Internal medicine doctors are well-versed in various organs and surgical procedures, making their skill sets more diverse than single organ doctors. They help patients with: 


Screening and Treatment: focused on various lifestyle changes an individual can make. Internists focus on suggesting the correct lifestyle modifications, screening, and Immunity enhancement that patients can make. Internal medicine doctors also focus extensively on diagnosing chronic and fatal diseases. These include cardiovascular problems, hypertension, etc. 


Coordination: In certain scenarios where patients require highly specialized care, Internal medicine doctors are required to provide the correct diagnosis and to refer them to the needed medical specialists. 

Informing Patients: dealing and garnering specialization in multiple separate organs simultaneously, internists are focused on educating patients on various important conditions, lifestyle modifications and critical healthcare choices for them to make. 


Effective diagnosing: trains and specializes in various chronic and short-term conditions impacting patients daily. Internal medicine doctors specialize in symptoms, medical history, underlying medical signs and effective diagnosis. Certain diseases like HIV/AIDS and pulmonary diseases can be unexpected, and expertise from a good general doctor becomes critical 



General medicine doctors usually only deal with non-surgical Treatment of diseases by diagnosis. However, Internal medicine is slightly different; internal medicine doctors help diagnose and detect various severe diseases in the body. Moreover, these doctors help treat more than just one underlying chronic condition.                                                      


While general medicine doctors are well-equipped to intrinsically treat patients of every age, their Treatment only persists to adults. This is because the Internship provides suggestions and treatments for chronic diseases that require specialized education. Internal medicine doctors are also treated in specific segments, such as oncology and psychiatry; it helps treat patients needing specialized assistance.   


Internal medicine doctors are certified Professionals with the desired authority to operate on their patients in severe cases requiring immediate or critical treatments. This rule, however, does not pertain to various general medicine doctors who can only provide patients assistance in the form of medical information.


Internal Medicine at Park Groups of Hospitals:                                                                                                                                                                                           

Established in 1982 under the aegis of providing high-quality healthcare treatment for each customer, Park Hospital has emerged as the epitome of a specialized medical facility that excels in multifocal Treatment. Operating in 12 distinct Indian cities, they are among the most well-acclaimed hospitals in Delhi NCR. Their combinations of cutting-edge technology and diverse medical equipment match the international standard regarding quality and provide holistic Treatment of Indians in every part of the country.  


Their Internal medicine program is among the best in the country. They are acclaimed for their well-trained internal medicine doctors who provide efficient diagnosis, internal medication, and Geriatric care for patients. Inculcating the value of diet, lifestyles, blood pressure, cholesterol, breast cancer, stress and anxiety. 


Moving beyond minuscule disease and Treatment, Park Group of Hospitals also provides personalized care to geriatric patients with Alzheimer's, arthritis, severe diabetes, cancers, etc. Built on the pillars of compassion and support, the Park Group of hospitals understands that the future of Internal medicine and geriatric care requires vital changes, deep interventions, and focus on accurate diagnosis and inclusion of technology and skilled internal medicine doctorsJoin Park Group Of Hospitals for the best medical treatment In India.

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