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How Park Hospital Transforms Lives with Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery


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Date: 19 February 2024

How Park Hospital Transforms Lives with Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery


Virtually since its inception, plastic surgeries have been vastly impactful in ensuring that patients can change their physical appearance to maintain their self-esteem and their self-image about their body. Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty centered around restoring, reconstructing, and altering the human body. Serving many patients for four decades, Park Hospital has garnered acclaim as the Best plastic surgery hospital in India. This blog will explore their comprehensive impact on patient health and lifestyle.   


Plastic Surgeries Provided By Park Hospitals: 


  1. Maxillofacial And Craniofacial Surgery: This highly specialized facial surgery has been devised to correct congenital and genetic defections around the skull, face, and jaw bone. Solving these problems relies heavily on access to the correct hospital and specialized medical professionals. At Park Hospital, these craniofacial surgeries are also dispensed to correct and resolve Post-burn deformities.     


  1. Lymphedema surgery refers to the abnormal buildup of toxins, waste, and other bodily fluids that lead to excessive swelling. At the same time, this problem is not similar to the traditional one that requires plastic surgeries. Lymphedema can be cured with liposuction and vascularized lymph node surgeries.  


  1. Jaw surgery: A corrective jaw surgery, also known as Orthoganic surgery, is conducted to fix persistent irregularities of the bone to effectively align the jaws and teeth and improve overall facial function. This surgery is more extreme, performed only in cases where standard orthodontic treatments cannot help.  


  1. Hair transplant: A hair transplant is a specialized medical treatment that aims to restore the declining hair follicles from one part of the body called the donor site to the recipient site. Due to its high demand, a hair transplant has become one of the most performed and chosen forms of medical surgery. Amidst these trends, India's Best plastic surgery hospital provides efficacious treatment options for everyone. 


  1. Breast augmentation: Also referred to as an augmentation mammoplasty, this surgery removes increased female breast size. Breast augmentation is becoming one of the most chosen and referred surgeries globally among women. Enhancing and augmenting their self-image and body image, what separates them from other medical institutions in the nation is their focus on innovation and medical ingenuity.   


  1. Reimplantation Of Traumatic Amputation: In various experiment cases, patients can either lose a finger or a limb, and these have to be reimplanted surgically to ensure that there is no loss of function or any fatal problems. 


  1. Laser treatments: Park Hospital and its advanced surgeons use laser therapies to treat scars and skin conditions better, as well as face and neck rejuvenation and hair removal. These laser treatments are also used for tattoo removal, pigment removal, birthmark removal, and skin rejuvenation.   

Why Choose Park Hospitals: 


Technological Innovation: Various things separate Park Hospital from other national medical institutions. One of these is the degree of technical credibility Park Hospital holds. Park Hospitals has access to cutting-edge laser technologies like: 

  1. Diode Triple laser wavelength 
  2. 1064 nm 
  3. 755nm) 1200 watt 
  4. Picosecond Laser ND YAG (1064/532) 2000 mili joule  
  5. COS fractional laser (106000 nm) 60 watt


Expertise and excellence: Considered to be one of the nation's leading medical institutions for its vast degree of knowledge and its skilled team of plastic surgery specialists, Park Hospital delivers surgeries in more than ten distinct Indian cities. Park Hospital also combines human inequity and technological expertise to provide treatments of the highest echelon.  


Diversity of Excellence: Park Hospital hosts the most efficient team of medical surgeons who dispense proper surgeries and have access to a prominent group of anesthesiologists who provide the desired assistance to every patient. These collaborations are vital for bringing a collaborative treatment to each patient. 


Park Hospital goes beyond the regular medical diagnostics procedures and provides the desired Surgeries; following a detailed and comprehensive treatment approach, the hospital also ensures the resolution and corrections of various deformities that consistently damage the patient's self-image. This is vital for ensuring long-term results for patients. Compiling treatment accuracy with innovativeness and precision-based technologies, the hospital is acclaimed nationwide. While most patients will search "best Plastic surgery surgeon near me" on the internetPark Hospital is one of the few hospitals in the nation offering the desired treatment quality. 








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