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7 Common Sports Injuries That Requires Immediate Attention of Sports Orthopaedic Doctors


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Date: 22 December 2022

Being a sports person definitely ads thrill to our lives but like everything else it also comes with own difficulties. Talking about sports injuries, while minor injuries can be treated easily, serious injuries require specialised attention from the sports orthopaedic doctors. So, what type of sports injuries require you to see a sports medicine doctor. Well sports medicine doctors are the one who have specialised training and certification to treat specific conditions and injuries. 

The sports medicine doctor focuses on three primary things:

  • Recovering from sports injury

  • Preventing future sports injuries

  • Improving your athletic performance

Sports medicine doctors working in a joint replacement hospital have specialised medical training to treat a wide range of acute or chronic sports injuries and conditions. The sport injury treatment focuses on to get you back to your regular active lifestyle as soon as possible. At Park Hospital, we have specialised orthopaedic doctors who can treat common sports injuries and help people to resume their normal lives.

7 common sports injuries you should take seriously! 

  1. Broken bones

Accidents are common during sports events and broken bones needs immediate attention. Whether it’s a rib fracture or hair-line fracture or broken ankle, the right treatment can help restore proper alignment and encourage faster healing.

  1. Stress fractures

Sometimes, fracture or breakage of bones may occur without a fall or trauma. Such injuries usually happen in legs or people during running or gymnastics training. If you are feeling pain then must visit an orthopaedic doctor in Gurgaon.

  1. Joint injuries and bone dislocation

A bone joint means two or more bones joined together such as knee joint. Knee joint is flexible joint as it helps you in bending while the suture joints in skull is a fixed joint. In joint injuries or bone dislocation, the joints get pulled apart causing severe pain and movement issues. Usually, sports person encounters such injuries in shoulder, knee, or ankles.

  1. Damaged Cartilages

Cartilage provides structural and functional support between your bones in your joints and spine. Sports persons usually experience cartilage damage is the knee area. Often cartilage damage occurs due to pivoting or twisting.

  1. Sprains and strains

While sprain affects the ligaments, strain occurs in muscle or tendon. Ligament, a strong, fibrous tissue holds and connect the bone joints together and tendon is the tough tissue that connects muscles to bones. When you have a sprain or strain, immediately seek treatment from orthopaedic doctors.

  1. Tendonitis

Tendonitis is similar to a strain where sprains occur in tendon. Such recurring stress injuries occur due to irritation or inflammation raised from small stresses. Tendonitis usually occurs in shoulders, knees, elbows, and ankles. Examples include golfer’s elbow or swimmer’s shoulder or runner’s knee. Such injuries can cause substantial damage in the tendon. Do not ignore persistent inflammation and seek advice from sports medicine doctors working in a joint replacement hospital.

  1. Carpal tunnel syndrome

This is a common sports injury that occurs from a wide range of activities such gripping a tennis racket or dumbbell or holding a steering wheel etc. Basically, such activities compress the median nerve causing sensation to the wrist or specific hand areas.

At Park Hospital, we have a furnished division for sports injuries and joint replacement surgery. We are supported by the best sport medicine doctors who uses cutting edge technology to treat all kind of sports injuries and bone issues to make your life better. Get connected to know more about our specialists and available services. 

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