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Art of Healing: Exploring Creative Therapies for Heart Surgery Recovery


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Date: 04 March 2024

Art of Healing: Exploring Creative Therapies for Heart Surgery Recovery


One of the various emergencies across the past decade has been combating cardiac problems by using distinct and non-traditional therapies that aim to improve the well-being of individuals and their immune systems. While most people will often look at surgeries and operations conducted to ensure the well-being of patients, in the 21st century, there has been a growing emphasis on distinctive modalities that safeguard the well-being of patients' mental health. This blog will explore the various emergencies in today's healthcare landscape that guide better cancer treatment and results in specific ways. 

Emerging Therapies For Heart Surgery Recovery:


Art therapy: This form of treatment is used and implemented to divert patients' attention and enable them to explore their feelings in the aftermath of their surgery and recovery. One of the various persistent issues regarding cardiac care is the deteriorating self-image and body image patients suffer from. However, art therapies play a vital role in reducing problems like stress, anxiety and depression.    


Music therapy: Music as a form of treatment is a widely chosen practice by people nationwide. Both active and receptive music therapy contribute to reducing stress levels and reducing pain and anxiety while enhancing mood and sleep quality substantially. Music is also vital to ensuring well-being during recovery and promoting an intrinsic sense of peace. Acclaimed as a prominent Heart hospital in Delhi, we consistently apply new techniques to augment our treatment results. 


Writing and Journaling: expressive writing and journaling are beneficial practices implemented by patients to articulate their journey, hopes, and persistent fears. This helps them process their overall emotional state while simultaneously helping them foster better resilience and emotional health recovery. 


Dance And Movement Therapy: Since most people cannot undergo extreme physical activity immediately, gentle dance and movement therapy is a powerful alternative for their later recovery stages. These activities also help restore lost functions within patients, improve their physical health and express their emotions non-verbally. Acclaimed as one of the Best heart hospitals in Delhi, we focus extensively on using these therapies to guide better treatment for our patients.  


Yoga: Yoga has been accepted universally as a vital tool for ensuring excellent recovery and well-being for various individuals; heart patients nationwide focus on breath control, mindful movements and gentle stretching. Additionally, practising strength and balance exercises also make yoga beneficial mentally and physically. 


Cardiac Care At Park Group Of Hospitals: 


Technical Expertise: At Park Hospital, we understand technology's vital role in ensuring optimal and precise treatments. This commitment enables us to develop comprehensive solutions that can cater to the various individual needs of people by hosting state-of-the-art technologies like the cath lab, rotavator, Intravascular ultrasound imaging, fractional flow reserve, measurement echocardiography and the treadmill machine (TMT) holter machine. Compiling these advanced technologies enables us to provide accurate diagnostics and precise treatments to every patient.  


Diversity of treatment: Understanding that cardiac problems can arise due to various factors and impact people everywhere, the Best heart hospital in Delhi provides treatments through interventional radiology, cardiothoracic and vascular surgery and vascular and endovascular surgery. Our team of experts and doctors is well-versed in delivering diverse therapies that enhance every patient's well-being of patients 


Cardiac Experts: At Park Hospitals, we have access to some of the leading cardiac specialists across the nation, each with the correct degree of treatment experience and medical knowledge to ensure the treatments provided are efficient and precise. Our team of experts use their skills to treat various types of diseases like valvular heart disease, arrhythmias, heart failure and coronary heart disease. 


Amassing a stellar experience of more than four decades at Park Hospital, the differing aspect of our success is our focus on ensuring and administering the correct treatment to each patient and providing them with the proper post-procedure treatment to ensure their well-being. Recognised as one of the top Heart hospitals in Delhi, our cumulative expertise is a significant indication of our excellence. Committing ourselves to the aegis of providing equitable treatments for every patient.

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