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Cardiac Surgery Innovations: Improving Outcomes and Quality of Life


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Date: 08 January 2024

Cardiac Surgery Innovations: Improving Outcomes and Quality of Life

A quality cardiac surgery is perhaps the most vital and perplexing procedure any individual can undergo. Performed in multiple distinct corners of the globe, proper cardiac surgery is vital for every patient. Over the past decades, cardiac advancement has played a vital role in assisting hundreds of patients across the globe. The emergence of distinct surgical techniques, postoperative care, and technological emergence. Widely regarded as the nation's leading cardiac surgery hospital, Park Hospital understands and actively disseminates the following applications of cardiac surgery. 


Emerging innovations within cardiac surgery:

  1. Minimally invasive surgery: Minimally invasive techniques involve a series of distinct medical procedures conducted with the assistance of a laparoscopy and an endoscopy. These methods are designed to cause minor tissue damage and alleviate any problems regarding patient pain. Widely regarded as one of the best heart hospitals in Delhi, Park Hospitals dispense some of the most efficacious laparoscopic surgeries in the nation.
  2. Robotic-assisted surgery: While not implemented in every part of the world, robotic-assisted surgeries enable surgeons and doctors to perform precise cardiac procedures with relative ease. One of the most commonly used systems is the Da Vinci. Surgical system that disperses smaller incisions, greater visualisation, and quicker recovery.
  3. Digitalized Operating Rooms: The advent of hybrid operating rooms places the concept of combining advanced imaging with a precision-based surgical environment. This enables greater visualisation, accurate placement, and overall procedural accuracy.
  4. 3D printing: A 3D printing technology is vital for enabling generations and creating specific treatment models for each patient. These, in turn, are essential for garnering greater postoperative planning, patient simulations, and complex procedures. This also helps dispense the correct treatment at an optimal cost.
  5. Telemedicine: Various emerging innovations within telemedicine allow healthcare services to monitor patients closer in the aftermath of their surgery. Furthermore, the inculcation of telemedicine also reduces hospital stays and mediates essential interventions.

Essentials for Choosing a Cardiac Surgery Hospital:

  1. Focus on transparency: While loads of medical facilities focus extensively on putting the correct value on their services and their medical treatments, Various high-risk procedures, like a heart transplant, Widely acclaimed as the leading cardiac surgery hospital in the nation for their wide expertise spanning four decades. Park hospitals are equipped with state-of-the-art libraries.
  2. Resources: In today's rapidly evolving world, cardiac surgeries have become inherently methodical. Nowadays, hospitals deploy a team of experienced cardiac surgeons, anesthesiologists, and even cardiologists to dispense high-quality treatment.
  3. Specialised cardiac facilities: A hospital with the correct facilities and cardiac technologies will dispense treatment and operations of the highest quality. Park Hospitals has highly specialised cardiac facilities, cat labs, operating rooms, and intensive care units designed to meet the needs of patients.
  4. Technological expertise: Regarded as one of the nation’s premier cardiac surgery hospitals for more than 40 years now, the focus on inseminating technology to maximise outpost efficiency is higher at Park Hospitals than anywhere else.
  5. Infrastructure: Any hospital is judged on the parameters of the quality of its infrastructure and the efficiency it maintains. At Park Hospital, we focus extensively on the quality of our operating rooms, cardiac catheterization labs, and even the intensive care units.
  6. Post-surgery care: At Park Hospitals, we are committed to improving the lives of each patient. Our quality medical oncologists and cancer specialists are not just well-trained in dispensing treatment pertaining to their range but also providing the correct after-treatment follow-up.



Widely considered the nation's leading hospital in regards to technological innovation and quality. Park Hospital has dispensed high-quality treatments for more than 40 years now. Their usage of devices like cath-lab, rotablator, intravascular ultrasound imaging, fractional flow reserve, measurement echocardiography, and many more.

Their subspecialties include interventional cardiology, cardiothoracic and vascular surgery (CTVS), and vascular and endovascular surgery. Their enhanced focus on accurate diagnosis and treatment ensures that each patient is given high-quality treatment. Performing highly complex treatments like preventive cardiology, coronary artery disease treatment, heart failure treatment, and many more, Park Hospital is shaping the healthcare landscape every day.

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