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Heart Disease in Women: Recognizing Symptoms and Seeking Care


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Date: 01 April 2024


Every one in three deaths in women is due to some heart disease, making it the leading cause of death in women all over the world. Heart disease, also known as cardiovascular disease, refers to a variety of medical conditions that affect the heart and the surrounding blood vessels. Heart diseases common in women are Coronary Artery Disease (CAD), Heart Failure, Arrhythmias, Heart Valve Disease, Cardiomyopathy and others.

With the deteriorating lifestyle and eating habits of people, heart diseases are becoming more and more common. Thus, there is a growing need for early detection, effective treatments and overall patient care at the hospitals. As the leading Heart Hospital in Delhi, Park Hospital possesses the expertise in the healthcare industry to provide world-class treatments and home-like care to patients.

Risk Factors of Heart Diseases in Women

There can be various factors that can result in heart diseases in women, ranging from congenital factors, which means the diseases are due to the way the heart was formed, to genetic factors or lifestyle habits that can be harmful to you. The various risk factors, according to the best Heart Surgeon, are as follows:


  1. Age: There is a higher risk of heart disease with increased age, but in women, heart diseases tend to develop 10 years later than men. Menopause can also result in increased risks.

  2. Lifestyle Habits: Intake of harmful substances, including smoking, can be a major reason for the increased risk of heart disease.

  3. High Blood Pressure: Women who face the issue of high blood pressure have increased risks of heart disease as the heart muscles become weak.

  4. High Cholesterol: Cholesterol can contribute to the making of plaque that blocks the artery that facilitates blood flow to the heart. According to a renowned heart hospital, it can increase the disease's risks.

  5. Diabetes: Women with diabetes have higher risks as compared to men with diabetes.

  6. Obesity and Physical Inactivity: Women who are obese and follow a sedentary lifestyle have more risk of heart disease.

  7. Stress and Depression: High levels of stress or depression can affect the heart muscles, resulting in heart diseases.

Symptoms of Heart Diseases in Women

According to the well-acclaimed Heart Hospital in Delhi, Park Hospital, the symptoms in women can be different than the ones in men. Many don't even face many symptoms. Some of the common early symptoms of heart disease in women are as follows:

  1. Chest Pain or Discomfort
  2. Pain in the upper abdomen
  3. Pain in the neck, jaw or throat
  4. Nausea or vomiting
  5. Unusual Fatigue
  6. Shortness of breath
  7. Changes in skin colour
  8. General weakness
  9. Swelling

We at Park Hospital advise people not to overlook any of the symptoms and get their health checked before it gets serious. The later symptoms of heart diseases in women that are quite serious and visible are as follows:

  1. Abnormal Weight gain
  2. Swelling in legs, ankles or feet
  3. Irregular heartbeat
  4. Excessive Sweating
  5. Problem sleeping
  6. Indigestion
  7. Heartburn
  8. Coughing
  9. Anxiety
  10. Lightheadedness or fainting


Medical Care and Treatments

As the leading heart hospital, Park Hospital provides the highest quality treatments with the most advanced technological equipment in a positive and hygienic environment. The medical care provided by the hospital can be defined as follows:

Preventive Cardiology

 It provides world class facilities of innovative screenings and tests to detect the risks of any heart disease. We also provide health education regarding how to avoid heart diseases with easy lifestyle changes.

Interventional Cardiology

We use the new idea of interventional cardiology for the diagnosis and treatment of various fatal heart diseases, including heart attack.


At Park Hospital, we provide patient-specific treatments for various heart diseases with the expertise of a highly qualified heart surgeon.

Impactful Surgery

In serious cases when surgery is recommended to the patients, we provide the expertise of highly experienced doctors and possess the technology of Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery (CTVS)and Vascular & Endo-Vascular Surgery as well.

Park Hospital: Prioritize Heart Health

With exceptional knowledge and skills in the healthcare industry, Park Hospital is progressively becoming a reliable hospital with good outcomes and maximized customer satisfaction. At Park Hospital, our priority is you, and we care for your health. Thus, we provide the best possible treatments, maintain high hygiene standards and facilitate a positive environment, all at a reasonable price. 

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