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Detection of Breast Cancer in Women – Detection, Screening and Control


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Date: 14 April 2021

One of the common ailments found in women, breast cancer can be successfully treated if detected and treated early. Deaths by breast cancer have decreased in the past few decades due to the increased screening rate and quality of medical treatment that has upped the game.

Early detection can help the patient as the tumour can be removed before cancer spreads to the other organs. Also, there are several treatments to remove the few cancer cells that may have escaped to the other organs. To get the best treatment, you should consult with the best cancer hospital in Delhi that is equipped with some of the most experienced and qualified cancer specialists in Delhi.

Process for detection and screening

  • By touching

This common method has been performed by the women or the health care provider by touching the breast and the area around the breast for unusual growth or lump. Some other abnormal changes apart from the lump are— change in size and shape of one breast, pulling in of a nipple, skin dimpling and many more.

  • Breast ultrasound

The process for breast ultrasound involves the use of sound waves to check the breast tissue and also look if the lump is filled with fluid or it’s a solid lump. It is conducted in a limited area online.

Apart from the other Breast MRI and Breast Biopsy are other methods that aid the proper detection and screening of cancer in the women’s body.


  1. For early staged cancer: Two options are given to the stage 1 and stage 2 patients— mastectomy and breast-conserving surgery, lumpectomy. In a mastectomy, the entire breast is removed whereas in lumpectomy only the cancerous part of the breast is removed. This is followed by other treatments.
  2. Radiation: Radiation is usually suggested to women who have undergone mastectomy.
  3. Adjuvant Therapy: This therapy is suggested before and after the surgery to increase the effectiveness of the whole procedure. The main aim is to negate and prevent the growth of any cancerous cells that may have escaped the breast. 

The three types of adjuvant therapy are:

  1. Anti-HER2 Therapy
  2. Endocrine Therapy
  3. Chemotherapy

As one of the best cancer hospital in Delhi, we at Park Hospitals proceed with the diagnosis and treatment with utmost care. Our oncology specialists are some of the best cancer specialist in Delhi that offer less invasive and low-cost treatment to every patient to help combat the disease.

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