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Navigating the Emotional Challenges of Cancer Diagnosis:


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Date: 06 November 2023

Navigating the Emotional Challenges of Cancer Diagnosis: 


Over the past decade, one of the most common medical trends has been the emergence of awareness regarding mental health. So far, it is a mere stigma for Indians. Today, dedicated teams and groups of psychologists and experts strive to understand the different patterns of human tendencies and our ability to perceive anxiety, depression, suicidal urges, etc. One of the most perplexing medical revelations could probably be a cancer diagnosis. Access to the correct      is valuable for overcoming diseases and maintaining the patients' mental health. 


Emotional Challenges Of Cancer: 

  • Deterioration of self-esteem: Cancer patients are constantly victims of deteriorating self-esteem. This happens primarily because cancer patients develop feelings of rejection and weakness about themselves. Also, there is a major psychological aspect; we have believed that cancer cannot be treated for years. This stigma makes patients more disheartened than perhaps the disease itself. Renowned by multiple patients, Park Group of Hospitals is among Delhi's best cancer treatment hospitals.       


  • Body image disturbance: Body Image is a direct perception of an individual about himself. A cancer diagnosis can potentially result in severely distorted Views of a person's own body. Certain cancer treatment processes such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and surgical intervention often result in physical modifications such as hair loss, facial changes, and weight loss that damage patients' physical perception of themselves.    


  • Maintaining social relationships: A lack of self-esteem and confidence that patients often carry with them can lead to vital relationships with their close ones. This often leads to loneliness, social anxiety, etc. 


  • Emotional distress: Patients who receive treatment from subpar cancer treatment hospitals will often be subject to post-surgery trauma, anxiety, panic disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorders. 


Overcoming Cancers Emotional Challenges: 


  • Allow Yourself to Feel: Accept Your Emotions. It's normal to feel a range of emotions, including fear, anger, sadness, and even guilt. Enforcing any emotional suppression often leads to more loneliness and social problems. 
  • Take professional assistance: Patients should talk to their loved ones and share their feelings with friends and family. They can provide emotional support and be there to listen. If these problems persist, patients can visit a professional therapist or counselor experienced in dealing with cancer patients. They can provide coping strategies, safe space, and emotional stress. 


  • Prioritize your physical health: If your health allows, engage in light physical activities. Exercise can boost your mood and energy levels. Focus on consuming nutritious meals. Good nutrition can positively impact your overall well-being, and make sure to gain the appropriate amount of rest. 


  • Be Socially Active: Cancer diagnosis often damages a patient's self-esteem and mental perception, causing them to disassociate from others. This, however, can lead to prolonged loneliness, depression, and even long-term social anxiety. 

Importance of therapy and professional therapists: 

  • Exploring suppressed thoughts, feelings, and worries without the fear of external judgment 
  • Overcoming severe anxiety, depression, PTSD, and social anxiety effectively  
  • Develop various strategies for different problems and situations 
  • Help enhance patient self-awareness and self-reflection
  • Discuss certain habits you would like to adopt or oppose. 


Cancer Care At India's Premier Healthcare Facility. 


Founded in 1982 with the belief of providing high-quality cancer treatment to every patient, Park Group of Hospitals is changing the definition of what it means to be a good Cancer treatment hospital. Home to some of the country's most renowned surgeons and doctors, they have combined cutting-edge medical technology and human ingenuity to provide each patient with a well-constructed and comprehensive treatment. 


Park hospital placed an enhanced emphasis on diagnosing their patients accurately and performing the surgery efficiently. They strive to reduce the patient's stress to ensure that their physical and mental health is both fine. 


It is also regarded as the best cancer hospital in Karnal for its various oncology treatment including surgical oncology, radiation oncology, breast cancer, leukemia, and various other forms of cancer. If you currently suffer from any of the multiple symptoms or cancer itself, consider Park Group of hospitals, where the focus is on technological and human intervention.    


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