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Interventional Radiology and Cancer: A Comprehensive Approach to Treatment


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Date: 20 March 2024

Interventional Radiology and Cancer: A Comprehensive Approach to Treatment


Developed in 1964 by doctor Charles Dotter, interventional radiology was designed to utilize specialized equipment to enhance the efficiency and efficacy of various medical procedures beforehand; since then, the medals subspecialty has become vital to ensuring precise treatment and facilitating a wide group of patient groups as the Best interventional radiologist in IndiaPark Hospitals is renowned in the medical world for its efficiency, efficacy and their distinct focus on integrating technology to the highest echelon. Over the past decade, international radiology has guided various cancer treatments due to its enhanced ability to propel image-guided procedures. 

How Interventional Radiology Propels Better Treatments: 

Precise Diagnostic Capabilities: Interventional Radiology developments are vital for enabling accurate biopsies of tumours by inculcating image-guided techniques such as CT scans, MRI scans, ultrasound tests and other modalities, leading Interventional radiology can target and obtain tissue samples leading to precise diagnosis and effective treatment planning. 


Targeted treatments: Regarding killing cancerous tumours, interventional radiology and its included technologies are essential in blocking the blood supply to tumours. Embolization procedures can be performed individually and in collaboration with chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions. 


Better Palliative Care: Interventional radiology can provide advanced palliative care for multiple patients altogether, and various interventional radiology procedures can be vital in ensuring that patient pain is minimized. 


Minimally invasive Feature: Since interventional radiology procedures are carried out mainly on an outpatient basis, tIR procedures often inflict less tissue damage and pain on the patient. Not only does this result in lower risks or complications, but it also reduces postoperative pain and quicker recovery.        


Flexibility and adaptability: While most people will assume that interventional radiology is a brand of treatment only used as a singularity, this is incorrect. Interventional radiology procedures can be used with other therapies like chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other medical interventions. Park Hospital and its expert team of interventional radiologists are well-versed in delivering advanced therapies to a broad group of patients nationwide. Regardless of any intricacies that persist around efficient cancer treatment, interventional radiology has emerged as a means of propelling better and more enhanced therapies for everyone. 


How To Choose The Correct Interventional Radiology Specialist: 

Interventional radiology is a specialized medical speciality that uses image-guided procedures to diagnose and treat various underlying conditions and problems. At Park Hospital, our leading team of interventional radiologists uses advanced equipment like the following: 


  • Fluoroscopy: Fluoroscopy across the globe is used to provide real-time X-ray Imaging that can be used to guide interventional procedures more efficiently. Fluoroscopy will use real-time video movement inside a part of the body through X-rays.   


  • Computed tomography: These advanced scanners are used by some of the Best interventional radiologists in India to combine a series of X-ray images taken from different body angles, generating a cross-sectional image module of the patient's body. Renowned for being more efficient and productive than plain X-rays, CT scans are used to examine patients with internal injuries from car accidents.   


  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging: These types of scans use strong magnetic fields and radio waves to produce detailed images of the inside of the body. These scans are often used to analyze and examine various body parts like the brain and spinal cord, bones and joints, breast, heart and blood vessels, and other internal organs.   


  • Ultrasound Machines: Unlike other imaging modalities, ultrasound machines provide real-time imaging without radiation exposure. High-frequency sound waves are, in turn, essential for creating a detailed picture of the patient. Acclaimed as one of India's leading medical institutions, Park Hospital aims to drive a more significant impact for everyone. 



Established under the aegis of providing affordable and equitable treatment to every one of their patients at park hospitals, our commitment extends to virtually everyone. Combining a stellar experience of more than four decades and establishing ourselves in India's biggest cities, our interventional radiology is supplemented with the latest technology and expertise to deliver efficient treatments. While most people will search for the "best Interventional radiology near me" online at Park Hospitals, our view differs significantly.

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